Time to shed your fall colors

Maybe It’s Time You Shed Your Fall Colours

I just completely changed the template of my site from a fancy expensive theme from my favourite guilty pleasure website, Themeforest, to this free one that you see here now.

It felt like it was time to shed my old colours. It felt like it was time to let go of all the fancy flora and fauna of my previous website theme and reveal the bare branches underneath. If this site, this blog can still hold its own, then I will be happy.

Fall is funny season because it makes you stand with one foot in Summer and one foot in Winter. No wonder you are feeling pulled in two directions! I know I am.


The biggest transition that I’m going through is moving away from high production blogs to simpler ones where the words do the talking, instead of fancy website.

These three blogs specifically impacted my decision to strip down and go bare with my blog theme:

An honourable mention should also go to Alexandra Franzen because she was on the Simple train nearly a year ahead of me but it took me a while to stop being bitter about her downgrading because I missed her old site.

From these four incredible blogs above, you’ll see how simplicity rocks. OK, Gala’s site is very pretty, but her words do all the heavy lifting and honestly, I would read her blog even if it had no pictures in it at all.

Why I downgraded my blog template

The two months, as summer transitioned into Fall, it was like there was a fog around me and I felt blocked from my writing. My friends noticed this in their own work as well. The transition period was far from smooth for many of us.

Also, you know how sometimes getting new stationary just makes you want to write more, that’s the feeling I wanted with my blog. The template of the blog is my new stationary and seeing the words in a new layout finally makes me want to write more.

Now are you inspired to strip it down too? I double dare you!

What’s your favourite “simple” blog that you read and why? Share the link in the comments below!

falling leaves

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Going Crazy

How to Stay Positive as a Female Entrepreneur

Female Entrepreneurs, do you want to know how to keep your sanity? Yes… no?

When you run your own business and try to have a life as well, and it can be stressful and sometimes you feel like you are losing your mind! And when you work for yourself, you even feel like you are losing your life! It’s not easy to stay motivated and inspired an positive all the time.

But when you are your own boss, who do you even go complain to? Right?

I know how that feels and I’ve struggled with it too, believe me and the only way I have been able to sustain myself and keep giving my business the love and devotion and positivity that it deserves is through my secret tool, which I talk about in this video.



That’s it.

That’s my biggest most valuable tool. And I firmly believe that every female entrepreneur NEEDS to have this tool as well. It is essential to your business and most of all, to yourself to maintain your sanity through the awesome but crazy journey that is entrepreneurship.

So, I want to invite you to get this tool and add it to your essential toolkit as a successful female entrepreneur. I invite you to do a 5 day meditation challenge with me.


You will receive a video each day for 5 days. All you have to do is follow along and practice with me and then just practice once a day on your own before you fall asleep. That’s it.

Your meditation practice will be the one secret thing in your toolkit that is an essential part of your entrepreneur lifestyle.

I’m so excited about this! I’ll see you tomorrow with day 1 of the 5 day meditation challenge!


Lots of love,


Ps. Leave a comment below if you have a secret tool as well that really works. We need more magic tricks up our sleeves.

Jord Watch - wood watch review 6

Wood Watch Review – JORD Watch

You must have heard about the newest thing in timepieces right? No, it’s not an iPhone.

It’s the wooden watch.

A watch made of wood, from the strap to the digits, as much wood as a wristwatch can have.

Jord Watch - wood watch review 1

Why Would You Want a Wooden Watch?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then a wooden watch might be for you.

  • Do you like to stand out?
  • Do you want to be memorable and make an impression?
  • Do you like sustainability?

Wooden watches are still uncommon and wearing one will instantly attract attention. For example, the other night I was out celebrating my friend’s engagement and two people commented on my JORD wooden watch.

I’m pretty sure that the watch and its wearer will be remembered.

And as a bonus, wood is totally sustainable and the wooden watches promote sustainability and eco responsibility. Not only do you end up looking good, but you end up doing good too.

Jord Watch - wood watch review 4

How Are Wooden Watches Made?

All parts of a watch that can be made out of wood will be made of wood. This includes all the links in the strap, the back of the timepiece, the part that touches your skin, the face of the watch, and the digits in some cases.

The workmanship on these wooden watches are incredible! The detailed work, the polish, the feel of it and just the fact that it works really well despite being made of wood just amazes me.

The wooden pieces are held together with tiny metal pins and screws but the metal is not really visible.

Jord Watch - wood watch review 3

My Honest Review

The watch featured here is the Ely watch in Maple, by JORD. The smoothness of all the wood is so attractive. I just want to touch it all time. There are little details all over it, like the logo being engraved on the dial’s face. The logo is also lazered onto the back of the watch, the part that touches your skin.

The clasp is made of stainless steel and the watch is very comfortable on your wrist. It is important to have it sized properly though so make sure you do that.

Jord Watch - wood watch review 5

Jord Watch - wood watch review 8

I made my first ever unboxing video with this watch! Check it out here.

Who I’d Recommend This To

If you are into alternative fashion and style that is innovative, you would love this watch. As I mentioned before, it’s a great conversation starter. Just try it out in a situation where you’ll be interacting with a lot of people and observe, like at a networking event or at a party.

Fellas, this is a great gift for your lady friends as well. And ladies, there is a huge range of wooden watches for men available online, by JORD and also by some other brands.

Jord Watch - wood watch review 1

So, would YOU ever wear a wooden watch? Why and what attracts you to this type of watch? Share in the comments below, I’ll read each one and I’m sure it will help out a lot of other people looking for feedback and reviews on wooden watches as well.

Love you!


Mens Wood Watches
  Full disclosure: I was sent a watch by JORD to review. All opinions are my own. Best Wooden Watch

aging parents - regret in 30s

Mother’s Day Challenge to make your mom happy

Happy Mother’s Day!!! It’s a day filled with a lot of love and I hope you are feeling the love vibes and getting all gooshy and teary, like me. My spiritual teacher, Sri Swami Vishwananda says, “You can’t attain the Divine if you can’t be grateful to your mother.” Mothers are such givers. They are constantly giving.

Like for example, I’ll tell you about my Mother’s Day gift this year. I couldn’t give my Mum a gift but for the first time in 18 years, I get to spend the day with her, like physically being in the same place. Even though I couldn’t give her anything this year, she has given ME the biggest present ever by making this possible.

That’s how Moms are, they are constantly giving. Mother Earth is another example. Giving, giving, giving and we are just taking, taking, taking.

I have a Mother’s Day challenge for you this year

This year, can you pick a day when you will prioritize her? When she asks for something, will you say yes, no matter what you have to give up for it?

Make the sacrifice of your own desire to make your Mum happy. It’s going to be hard and your Ego really wont like it, but Karmically, you will get lots of points for it.



My mom of me in Cuba.

3 steps to happiness

3 steps to Happiness

The founder of the Hale Clinic, who is also my Atma Kriya Yoga teacher, Teresa said this to me once, and I take it as 3 simple steps to happiness.

  1. Surrender
  2. Trust
  3. Ask for Grace

She said – when working towards something, do your best and then surrender the result to the divine or to love, spirit, god whatever you relate to more.

Trust that there is a spiritual masterplan in place and the outcome should be just as it is meant to be, even if it makes no sense to you now.

And always ask for Grace. Ask for Grace to help you to surrender. Ask for Grace to help you to love more and to open your heart.

Originally posted on my London blog.

sri swami vishwananda giving darshan in germany

700 words that will change your idea about God

My spiritual teacher, my Guruji, Sri Swami Vishwananda said this amazing thing on Twitter today. I feel like he read my mind, even though he is in South Africa at the moment, because I needed to hear this exact thing today. I’ve had one of those days when you just wake up sad and even though everything in life is just as it should be, there is a sense of loss that you just can’t shake. I’ll tell you the story why.

Crossroads in your career

I’m at a crossroads in my career. For 7 years, I have had a super exciting career in online advertising. My job took me to NYC and London for work and all the adventures that resulted from living in those cities were made possible by my job. At the same time, I’m asking myself whether this career is the best use of my unique gifts and talents.

To paint you a picture of this “crossroads” get this; last night I stayed up till 1am, madly reading articles about marketing analytics, sales conversions and business success stories. Then I finally peeled myself away from the screen, and still had to get ready for bed and do my daily meditation so I didn’t hit the pillow till 2am.

This is not normal.

Just at this moment of crisis, I check my Guruji’s Twitter and this is what he says.

“If 1 cannot #utilize whatever 1 have receive from #God in a proper way which he have #bless with his #grace, then why does 1 search for that which 1 think he haven’t given to all, the lord create this #universe as an expansion of his love n grace upon all ,he created the elements 4 all of us he have given us this #body ,hand, feet ,mouth, eyes ect the #intellect n the #mind n the #power 2 #discriminate all is only his due 2 his #Grace n #Mercy he half of all of us be #grateful n use all in a #proper way like that 1 will have the #divine #knowledge which is ever present in this #physical #body into which all his #cosmic #Leela is #possible at all #time 1 who have the no urge for #seeking the #real #truth is as good as being #dead, 1 can find ever #lasting #peace n #supreme #satisfaction only in God nothing’s else,those who had spend their life in #doing things which is others than #finding #God #realize when it too late in life that they have been #climbing the wrong tree , the #earlier 1 turn toward #spirituality n #seek the #Love n #Grace of #God the more #blissful 1 become in #life”

Using your unique gifts and talents in your life’s mission

There are so many incredible things you can do in your life and you SHOULD do to make sure you are using your natural gifts and talents to the max value. I mean, that’s what Marie Forleo is always preaching, right? “The world needs that special something only you have.”

Marie is right.

And so is my Guruji.

He is right that until we use our gifts and talents to REALIZE our SELVES, all our efforts will feel empty. At least, it feels like that for me and I can only speak from experience.

Let’s not waste time. Let’s go full steam, will our all, towards the one thing we want most, whatever it is for each of us.



Image Source: Guruji’s FB page


Karma in Romantic Relationships

Have you ever been through a breakup? No matter how you feel about your breakup and the relationship you had before it broke up, let me tell you something. Your relationships create Karma. All relationships create Karma. There is a very good chance that you are with the person you are with now (or were with last) because of some Karma that you had to work out with him.

I can only speak from experience so here’s my story.

So, I once dated a guy. He was a really good guy and I loved him a lot. It was the kind of love that cracked my heart open and it was the first time that my love for another human being brought me to tears. But then, I grew older and wanted new experiences and wanted to hang out with new people so I broke that good guy’s heart and we parted ways.

Thanks to Karma, 10 years later he is back in my life but it’s not really him. This time, I AM him. And someone else is doing to me all the things that I did to him long ago.

That’s how Karma works. It gives you a chance to square up for everything you have done to others by enduring the same treatment yourself.

Karma in Kali Age

According to the Vedic scriptures and the yoga tradition, we are in Kali Yuga at the moment. Yuga means age, and Kali is the age that is charactarized by time being sped up, human lives being shorter and a lot more things happening in a lot less time. I think this applies to our Karma as well. Instead of doing someone wrong and not having to pay for it till your next life or next incarnation, in this age, you pay in one lifetime for most things.

In the case of the really nice guy who I hurt 10 years ago, I had the chance to experience what I put him through by being put in his shoes. And the thing is, I have been in the “heartbreaker’s” shoes as well, and I can’t even be angry at that person. I know that there is no other way.

There was no other way for me to have behaved back then and that’s why when it happened to me, I had to sit back and observe the identical situation from the flip side.

When you finally stop dating the same guy over and over again, you end up dating yourself

A former version of you turns up in your life for you to learn a lesson from. I suppose it’s kind of like when you become a parent and finally realize how much of a brat you were to your mom and dad. Karma in relationships allows that to happen a little sooner.

A former version of you comes along and breaks your heart in the exact same way that you broke someone else’s. You get to experience being the offender and the offended. You come full circle.

How to deal with a Karmic Relationship

My advice here is not to freak out. You may feel like a mean, old version of you has turned up to hurt and get even with the current version you. I don’t believe it’s about Karma getting even with you. I believe that it is simply a way for you to find empathy for the one you hurt before. It is simply to feel love for them, feel their pain and most importantly, to love yourself anyway despite what you have done in the past.

Love yourself anyway.

Your actions in the past were inevitable. Those actions were destined. Just be at peace with what you did in the past no matter how many hearts you broke. You have probably experienced, first hand, what it felt like to those people when their hearts were broken. If you haven’t, you probably will soon.

Just accept it.

Just love, yourself, anyway.

If you don’t know how, start with treating yourself to a manicure. And meditation always helps when you want a more lasting kind of self-love.

With my love and acceptance,



PS. This is a part of my Write Everyday project. Check out all the posts from the project WRITE EVERYDAY.

Image source: Another Odd Place for a Hill

alison monday founder of tiny blue orange

How to add Personality to your Brand tips from Alison Monday

Lifester Expert interview series is back with Alison Monday, the founder and driver behind Tinyblueorange.com. This website is where I go when I need to feel light, get inspired and learn something at the same time.

I’m so honoured to be able to interview Alison because I admire her. It’s like a bit of an internet crush. And this interview was my way to secretly ask her all my burning questions. I actually told her that in my pitch email, seriously.

This is secretly my chance to ask you all the questions I’ve been dying to know the answers to like, were you always into working for yourself or was it something specific that made you go that way, did you ever doubt yourself because from your work it doesn’t seem that way, if you were me, who would you be dying to interview and where did you learn to write the way you do because it’s awesome!

In this video, Alison shares her story of how she became a successful entrepreneur, what she does to fight self-doubt, her tips of great writing and who she would interview if the camera was turned around. I recommend taking notes as you watch this, there is priceless advice in this video.

After you watch this, head over to her site to see how she puts her advice into action.

My three biggest takeaways from this interview were:

  1. Make yourself a Sticker Folder where you go to get a boost when you are having a moment of self-doubt; from the 11:20 minute mark in the video.
  2. It’s OK to hire a copywriter even if you think you are decent at writing. The permission it will give you to write like YOU is worth more than the cost to hire the copywriter; from the 15:35 min mark.
  3. Setting a timer to have crappy moments as well as good moments. Hey, it’s OK to have a moan, but just keep it within a time container (paraphrased in my words); from the 13:50 min mark.

Check out her awesome site Tinyblueorange.com and find her on Instagram and Twitter @tinyblueorange.

Do you have any questions for us? Put it in a comment below and we’ll make sure we answer it.



ABC Always be Creating.jpg

The connection between Creativity and Spirituality

How to be creative all the time and how creativity is a spiritual thing. Creation is such a massive thing, I mean, just think about what has created the UNIVERSE!! Huge, right?

And yes, we can be creative and bring new and interesting things into the world, but maybe, we are simply channeling the same massive creative energy that made the universe when we create stuff. Chew on that.

And watch this video.

Comment below and let me know How You Do Your Creative Thing! What are your thoughts? Can you share one tip to be more creative?

Love you,


Ps. If you want to read the book, grab it here: Steal Like An Artist