To highlight some of the most courageous women I have met recently, I created this a month-long feature called 2015 Queen. 

The beginning of the year is usually one of the hardest times for me, in the entire year. It brings a lot of things up from BIG CHANGES, small transitions, excitement, depression… it’s a chaotic mess. To uplift me and maybe even you, if you are feeling the same weird feelings as well, I created this.

This project highlights some incredible stories. Stories of job losses, losing a parent, losing a business, breaking legs, starting businesses, Youtube Queens, yoga teachers, Reiki masters, international actresses, visionary artists, photographers, highly sought after jet-setting fitness coaches and poets, just to name a few.

The features on each 2015 Queen will be released on the dates shown below.  On that date, you will be able to click on each image and read the full feature. Please come back on each day in January to read 31 incredible stories of 31 incredible women.

Keep an eye on this page to read these incredible stories. And if you don’t want to miss any, make sure you sign up for Lifestermail and I’ll email you weekly digests of these incredible stories.


RITU ashrafi 2015 queen lifesterJan 1 | Ritu Ashrafi

Leyla RazeghiJan 2 | Leyla Razeghi

blair kayJan 3 | Blair Kay


laurel moll lifesterJan 4 | Laurel Moll

abida rahman lifesterJan 5 | Abida Rahman

fazila banu lily lifesterJan 6 | Fazila Banu Lily


demetria jackson lifesterJan 7 | Demetria Jackson

kim fullerJan 8 | Kim Fuller

milan kcJan 9 | Milan KC


bonnie harlandJan 10 | Bonnie Harland

prue proctor lifesterJan 11 | Prue Proctor

lisa campbell lifesterJan 12 | Lisa Campbell


ANNA HickeyJan 13 | Anna Hickey

ERIN CLAYTONJan 14 | Erin Clayton

GILLIANJan 15 | Gillian At Home


PriyankaJan 16 | Priyanka Bista

KATEJan 17 | Kate Bacon

SAMMYJan 18 | Sammy Davis


SARAEJan 19 | Sarae Pratt

VANAJan 20 | Vanessa Feliciano

cindy lai 1Jan 21 | Cindy Lai

sacha marie 1Jan 22 | Sacha Marie Curtis

jessica lai 1Jan 23 | Jessica Lai

liz nehdi 1Jan 24 | Liz Nehdi

JASMINE 1Jan 25 | Jasmine Kosunen

LUISA M MINIJan 26 | Luisa Manfredini

ARYNETTA MINIJan 27 | Arynetta Floyzelle

NOELLE MINIJan 28 | Noelle Bloom

jacinda miniJan 29 | Jacinda Meiklejohn

Rain Diah miniJan 30 | Rain Diah

ADITI 1Jan 31 | Aditi Ramchandani

The rest of the 2015 Queens will be announced soon! Please come back and LIKE our Facebook Page to see the update.

See you in January 2015!



PS. This project was inspired by a cool event I went to at the end of 2014, where I met Gala Darling and was confronted with some difficult questions and introspection that I had to do. Read it here.