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Stop Hiding Your Light: Help Others By Sharing Your Story

Are you tired of waiting on the sidelines? You’ve invested in training, and courses, and even perfected your Instagram feed. But there’s one missing piece: your authentic story.

Your audience, your future clients, they crave realness. They’re not looking for another polished facade. They need someone who’s been in their shoes, who’s overcome the same struggles they’re facing right now.

You are that person. You’ve lived through life’s tests, and you have the wisdom and experience to guide others. But your light is hidden.

Stop waiting for the “perfect” moment. You don’t need a million followers or a picture-perfect life. All you need is the courage to step forward and share your journey, authentically.

That’s where The Big Leap To Shine comes in.

This program is designed to help you:

  • Uncover and share your powerful story
  • Connect with your audience on a deeper level
  • Become a beacon of hope and inspiration for others
  • Fulfill your purpose and serve others

Don’t let your light stay hidden.

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2 Client Spots Left In April


What People Are Saying About Working With Me

Ritu is very caring and intuitive coach, very effective too. My favourite part of the process was the second part when you get the answers to what was revealed in the constellation. I have noticed more clarity in my life after our session. Within 1 hour she gave me great boost of clarity and confidence, I definitely recommend her for the constellation work.


Ritu has a way of helping you answer your own questions. I loved every session. They have helped me be more honest with myself and more open to others. What I loved most was the association of present time with past events in my life. I’d never really connected those dots. For a long time I’ve put blame firmly on myself for the things that have happened, but Ritu’s way of helping you navigate one’s thoughts has given me a fresh outlook on things, even unrelated to the reason I booked the sessions in the first place. Thank you for everything!


The part of the process of working with Ritu I liked the best was her explaining the deeper meaning of what I am feeling. She was able to explain the meaning of each things which came up in our session in a way that made sense to me. I already felt a bit lighter in my thinking, not such heavy thoughts, after our session. I recommend working with Ritu because if you are looking for the meaning behind why certain things are happening to you and why people are treating you in a certain way, you will definitely get some insight.


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What You'll Get

Big Leap To Shine Includes:


Family Loyalties Questionnaire

We’ll start with the subconscious stuff like family loyalties and family obligations. You’re going to get an in-depth questionnaire that you’ll send back to me exploring some of the patterns in your family and your primary relationships that have pre-written the script of how you’re going to do things.

Family Constellation Session

Using this as a base we’ll set up your situation in an individual family constellation and get insight into your situation from the systemic level, and from the Soul level.

Customized 21 Days Of Shine List

We’ll spend a whole other session diving into your overarching purpose and your more immediate goals and I’ll interview so that I can craft a customized 21 Day Of Shine list for you.

Camera Presence Workshop

Learn how to speak to a camera, basic equipment you need, how to set up your recording space, what to do before recording so you are comfortable, confident and present, what to do during to you can make the maximum connection with your audience, and much more.

Body Language Workshop

This training will help you be in your full power and presence as you teach 1-to-many and give presentations. This is not just a fake it till you make it tactic but a transformation technique that helps you to believe it to live it.

Guru Confidence Meditation

When that nagging feeling of "who am I to do this great work" starts to make you doubt yourself, this meditation will pull you out of that low vibration and align you back with your highest light-self so you can shine.

Email & Whatsapp Access

Access to Ritu over email and Whatsapp over the program duration of 3 months. Get the support you need as you go through this transformational process.

Wrap Up Session

An additional session to wrap up, check in, and support on all the elements of the program. This session is free for you to work through any burning questions or do another family constellation session.

Wildcard Session

A wildcard 45 min call for emergency or urgent help to be used over the 3 month duration of the program. Just message Ritu to set it up at short notice and get quick help to get unstuck fast.

Remember, this is a 1:1 program.

I can only work with a limited number of 1:1 clients to be able to give you this in-depth level of support and I’m only taking on 2 clients each month so click the Buy Now button to secure your spot in my calendar this month!

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2 Client Spots Left In April

Buy Now - $497


Toronto, Canada

“Ritu is gifted and very insightful, if you can, give constellation therapy a try. Even though I'm not familiar with family constellation therapy, and had my reservation about trying a new form of therapy, the session gave me a new perspective on my issue that I wouldn't have considered if I didn't work with Ritu. I find the analysis of the relatives very interesting. I have only taken one session but it gave me clarity around my mother and how life was like for her. I never thought about what she may have experienced in her childhood. It also made me realize how self-focus. How traumas get passed on from one generation to next. Not to mention the power we have to tune into ourselves for answers. I enjoyed connecting with my body to detect feelings/answers/thoughts.”

Real People With Real Results


Toronto, Canada

“I got clarity on my family dynamic. I found understanding my family and their patterns helped me see myself differently and with more compassion for my mistakes. Keep going and follow this path many of us need these types of clarifications to help process our lives.”

What People Are Saying About Me

“Working with Ritu was awesome! Not only is she really dedicated to her work in personal growth, she is also really practical and understanding of the issues that young people face because she has been there herself.”

Iris VKHong Kong

“The first time I met Ritu I called her a Goddess. As I got to know her and her work I realised this statement was true. Bringing together fashion, lifestyle with a positive mind approach, she is the perfect role model for the younger generation and inspirational for those who have been here a while. Ritu shine your light! X”

Kyle GrayGlasgow, Scotland

“Ritu is like a ray of sunlight! Her dedication to personal growth and to helping others live happier lives is inspiring. Her positive energy is contagious, and I always feel more hopeful and uplifted after spending time with her.”

Jenny SansouciNew York, USA
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2 Client Spots Left In April

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Unlocking your potential shouldn’t come with any worries. That’s why we offer a flexible satisfaction guarantee. If you try The Big Leap To Shine program and decide within 7 days of purchase that it’s not the right fit, you’ll receive a full refund, no questions asked. Additionally, if after our first session you feel the program isn’t aligning with your goals, we’ll happily provide a refund minus the cost of that initial session. We’re confident you’ll find immense value in this program, but your satisfaction is our top priority.

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