Complimentary Family Constellation Session

Hi, I’m Ritu. I work with Ambitious Women who are emotionally overwhelmed by their relationship problems.

If you are struggling with a specific problem right now triggered by a relationship issue (couple, parenting, work/boss related), I am offering a complimentary Family Constellation session after which, you will

  • immediately feel at ease about the situation
  • get an understanding of why the other person is behaving the way they are
  • have a clear idea about exactly what to do next to disperse the tension
  • find their trust again and
  • come back to love

Every month I offer limited opportunities to work with me personally for free (absolutely no strings attached). Email me at to book your complimentary session.

“I absolutely recommend Ritu. I found understanding my family and their patterns helped me see myself differently and with more compassion for my mistakes.”

Abida RahmanFounder & Self Awareness Coach