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If you’ve ever been cheated on, like me, then I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question. And if you’ve been the one who has cheated on someone (which I’m not proud to admit, but I’ve also done)? Then you really want to know the answer to this: Do cheaters get their Karma?

The fact is that yes, cheaters do get their Karma. You can be sure that if someone has cheated on you, they will get their Karma very soon. If you cheated on someone, you can also expect to Karmically pay for it sooner or later. How a cheater gets their Karma back varies from situation to situation but a few things are standard:

  • Karma will make sure that a cheater realizes his/her mistake
  • When Karma catches up to them, a cheater will genuinely feel sorry about cheating
  • A cheater will also get cheated on unless they realize their mistake and feel sorry about it
  • The person being cheated on Karmically plays a part in being cheated on
  • The cheater and the person being cheated on can both be free of their Karma by following certain steps that are listed below

When someone cheats on you, they and the person who they are cheating on you with create a lot of Karma. They will have to pay back for this Karma, whether they like it or not. What type of Karma do they create and how will they pay it back? I talk about many of these below as well as what to do if you’re the one who cheated, so keep reading.

How Do Cheaters Get Their Karma?

The most obvious way that cheaters get their Karma is by being cheated on. Maybe the person they cheated on you with will end up cheating on them. Or maybe it will be a partner they least expected to cheat who hurts them. This will make them think back to how they have done the same thing to you and they will realize their mistake and feel sorry for it. For them to finally start to resolve their Karma for cheating on you, they have to genuinely feel sorry and feel bad about how they treated you. Unless they are narcissistic or in denial, being cheated on will bring them to this realization.

If they still don’t realize their mistake after being cheated on themselves, then Karma has other ways to make them realize it. For example, they will be cheated in a business deal or by a friend and maybe even be cheated out of money. One painful situation that I have personally experienced is when someone pretended to be my friend, gained my trust, and convinced me to give them thousands of dollars, but in reality, they were only manipulating me.

Cheaters who don’t realize their mistake for cheating can’t escape their Karma. There’s a quote that says, Karma never loses an address. They will keep paying for their Karma until they make the connection between their own suffering and pain and the pain they caused you. They will attract partners who also cheat on them or who just want to use them to satisfy their own physical and emotional needs.

Eventually, they will find it hard to attract anyone at all. Even when they think that they are being honest and trustworthy, people will see through it and start avoiding any serious relationship with them. All of their accumulated Karma will keep people at a distance and they will start to feel lonely. This is how Karma works. It brings you to a point that’s so painful that you have no choice but to look at your own actions and do something about them.

Will My Ex Who Cheated On Me Ever Apologize?

You might be wondering whether your ex who cheated on you will ever apologize to you for hurting you. To be honest, this will most likely not happen. Cheaters are usually too proud to admit that they did something so drastically wrong. They are also embarrassed about it because deep down inside, they know they did something wrong. So, don’t expect to get an email or text from your ex saying, “Hey, by the way, I cheated on you years ago. I’m sorry.”

Sometimes a cheater will actually blame you for their cheating. They may use some phrases like “We are both responsible for this situation.” They may blame you for being absent or unavailable or make some other accusation. If this happened to you then just don’t take it upon yourself. Yes, Karmically you played a part in being cheated on but the cheater is responsible for his or her decision to cheat. More on this below so keep on reading.

When Do Cheaters Apologize?

Usually, a cheater will apologize when they want you back or are afraid of letting you go. Have you ever received such an apology? How did it make you feel? I’d love to hear the story so please share in the comments section.

From hearing other people’s stories and reading dozens of threads on Reddit, it may feel good to receive an apology but it doesn’t really resolve any of the painful feelings. Sometimes it takes a cheater years before they come to the point of saying sorry. Being contacted by a cheater and getting a “sorry” after so many years might just annoy you and not bring any closure at all. You can be sure of one thing though. They are apologizing for themselves and to lighten their own guilt. They are not doing it for you.

Your Karmic Role In Being Cheated On

If you’ve been cheated on and are wondering what could you have possibly done to deserve this, then the answer might lie in your Karma. It was your Karma to experience what it’s like to be cheated on. Why? Maybe knowingly or unknowingly you hurt someone and made them feel cheated in some way. Maybe you were not completely honest with someone and this is how Karma helped you to understand the meaning of honesty and integrity. Maybe you cheated on your ex in a past life and this is your way or paying back your Karma.

I’ll share a personal story about how I played a part in someone’s Karmic lesson about cheating. As I mentioned before I have cheated on someone in the past and I’m not proud of it. In fact, I went to therapy about my guilt and my heavy feelings about cheating. In my therapy session with the gifted healer Michaela Bisch, we discovered that it was my ex’s destiny to experience and overcome being cheated on. I simply showed up to give him this experience. Through this experience, he learned and grew and eventually attracted another partner who was a better fit for him. And I overcame my tendency to cheat.

If you have a tendency to cheat, then this video will help you.

How To Fix Your Bad Karma From Cheating (And Being Cheated On)

If you’re worried that you have bad Karma and that’s why you keep getting cheated on, then there is hope. You can take certain steps to work through your Karma quickly so that you won’t keep getting hurt by cheaters over and over again.

  1. Have ZERO tolerance for cheating and being lied to. As soon as you find out that you were cheated or were lied to, take an immediate stand against it. If your lifestyle allows it, cut the cheater and/or lier out of your life immediately. If you suddenly start receiving calls and messages from the cheater’s friend asking you at least to hear them out, then you have to be extra careful because they are using their friend circle to manipulate you even more. This is where you need to move on to the next step.
  2. Set and protect your boundaries. Even if your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to separate from the cheater and lier right away, you must set your boundaries clearly. Here’s an exercise that really helped me to set a strong impenetrable boundary against someone that cheated me in the past.
    1. Hold up your hand as if you’re saying STOP!
    2. Imagine the cheater is standing in front of you and you are physically keeping them an arm’s length away.

If you’re a cheater and are worried about your bad Karma from hurting someone, then my post on this topic has lots of tips on how to fix your bad Karma. To summarize, the quickest ways to fix your bad Karma from breaking someone’s heart are:

  1. Contacting the person to ask for forgiveness (however, when it comes to cheating, this might cause more pain and confusion than helping them to heal)
  2. Asking for forgiveness in your heart, but really truly feeling sorry about it first so you mean it

Check out my free guide for instructions on how to do these.

How do you feel about being cheated on? Do you think the cheater got his or her Karma yet? Do they ever try to blame you for their own actions? Do you think that your own Karma caused you to get cheated on? I’d love to hear your story so please share it in the comments. You never know who you might help by sharing your story.


  • Dorothy says:

    Around one month back I wrote a comment on your blog asking why my ex-bf is still happy even after cheating on me. I think I got my answer. Thank you, Ritu. <3

  • Soma S says:

    I was married for 33 years. My ex husband retired in the 30th year of our marriage. He was in a very high post. he could not handle retirement and loss of power. he started getting distant and raising funny issues. Then he got another good job and there he met someone else. Long story short… he divorced me citing incompatibility and accusing me of not caring, and married the other woman. He has moved on and seems very happy and progressing in life, whereas I am stuck trying to deal with emotions and finances. I don’t think Karma exists.

    • Ritu says:

      Hi Soma, don’t give up hope. Karma does exist. Just give it some time and you’ll see how Karma will get him. He seems happy on the surface but in reality he’s just using the other woman to cover his insecurities about losing his high position.

    • Parmis says:

      Hey im sorry this happende to you
      Can i ask you if you found someone?
      Are you ok now?

  • Suckhi says:

    I had a 6 week affair with a married work colleague. I knew he was married with kids. His wife found out. Will karma come back for me?

    • Ritu says:

      Yes, you did create some Karma through this. But don’t worry, you’ll get a chance to resolve it quickly. Just be open to it. If you feel sorry in your heart, it will be easier on you to burn the Karma. There’s a whole guide on making is process easier here on this post: I highly recommend you read through it.

    • Claire says:

      I emotionally fell for someone else and emotionally cheated. Will karma come
      Back for me? What steps do I need to take? My boyfriend has forgiven me but I’m so scared of what karma I will receive.

      • Ritu says:

        Hi Claire, this is actually a natural process. Did you also physically cheat? Were you able to keep a distance from the person you fell for? The first step in the right direction you took is that you were open with your BF and he knows. If he truly forgave you, then you can try to forgive yourself too. This will make it easier: PROMISE TO YOURSELF that you’ll never let yourself get in that position again. If you fail in this then you have to break up with your partner first. Create such a serious ultimatum for yourself. Then you’ll have the integrity to go through with it and stay true to yourself, which is the most important thing.

  • Brokenheart says:

    Hi my bf cheated and backstabbed me for another girl . I was with him through ups and downs but now he said im worthless and he made another girl pregnant. Now he is about to get married and living his life happy . Do u think he will get his karma? He seems to gets all he want and living happy life in another country after he does all the bad stuffs. Ungrateful person

    • Ritu says:

      Yes, of course, he will get his Karma, you can be sure about that. You have to ask yourself what part you played in this whole picture. Were you too trusting? Were you too judgemental? Accept your part in it and then let it go. Let Karma get him. It’ll do a better job anyway.

      • Broken heart says:

        Yes i trust him more than anything and been there for him through thick and thins at the end he cheated on me with another girl and made her pregnant for earning green card and dumped me . Its been 3 years and he is doing fine but one day i hope he gets his karma

        • Parmis says:

          Hey im sorry that heppende to you
          You deserve the world
          You deserve someone who would climb the mountain for you
          And here’s something that will cheer you up
          Karma will happen when you least expect and then you will laugh at his face
          Pain wont be forever some day youre gonna meet someone and forget about all of these things
          He will get his karma soon or late
          And dont worry you lost a cheater and he lost someone worthy like you
          I wish you a happy life
          And if you found someone please let me know i would be happy for you

      • Brokenheart says:

        The only mistakes that i made is trust him and made him as my first priority and stand with him through thick and thins he just dumped me for green card and made another girl pregnant behind my back been 3 years heard he is happily married and living his life better but i hope one day he regret for what he has done to me and gets his karma

      • Marian Fernando says:

        Hi Rithu,

        I just ended up a toxic relationship with my finace because I caught him cheating on me with his ex who cheated on him before he got involved with me and the answer I got to my question was that he got sick of me because I had trust issues ..But the actual truth is he has been seeing his cheating ex from the inception that he started this so called serious relationship with me .. And yesterday when I caught him coming out of the motel room where he and I went the week before he looked surprised but was in denial of all the promises and commitment he gave me … Finally since I had no choice I left both of them saying to stay blessed . I also have to mention that I am a single mom and he knew it very well.. I am now heart broken and trying to recover from the damage he caused because even after listening to my whole story even his ex cheating girl friend said that he loves her and that they’re planning to move in together .. now that he has blocked me from everything .. I just want to know what will be his fate now? Will he get his Karma for intentionally hurting me knowing that I was loyal to him…

        • Ritu says:

          Hi Marian, Yes, you’re right. He will get his karma for hurting you and taking advantage of you. Let’s be honest, he knew that you were in a vulnerable place and he fully Took advantage of that. You can admit that he used you, and call it what it is. This will make you to heal from this faster. I do have to ask you to also look at yourself and see the role you played in allowing this to happen to you. A part of you intuitively already knew that he was not trustworthy. But you still let him into your life and were loyal to him. Next time you must honour your intuition and next time you have to do a better job hearing your intuition. Listen to what your gut is trying to tell you. Meditating will help you hear that voice better.

    • Aida Waiau says:

      My husband keeps cheating on me. It’s 6 years now. Our son is 1 year old. Why is this happening? I keep forgiving him but am now too tired of the game. I’ve always been in denial. Should I move on now? He admitted he’s sorry but it doesn’t mean anything to me. After all, a changed in behaviour is a sign of apology
      If not then it’s only manipulation.

  • HMB says:

    Our 26th year of marriage I discovered my husband (now ex) had been living a double life and had been cheating on me with many woman…some sexually, some emotionally, some both. Some were long term on/off affairs, some one night stands, some paid hookers. This was a man who had me convinced we were soulmates, best friends and he loved me more every day. This was a man who is very charismatic and was a master at navigating lies. We met young and had 3 sons and worked hard to build a great life from nothing. I believed our marriage wasn’t perfect but we were perfect for each other and we had overcome and claimed victory over many trials. I believed we had a good happy marriage. I built my world around him and our family and gave my all to him and our family. As I discovered every lie, every woman and every guilt gift he gave me…I was in shock but was still in love with my husband. We are now divorced for obvious reasons but I was willing to try and forgive and start over but he just couldn’t stop lying and cheating even when he was supposedly trying to make it right to even start a clean slate. I just kept discovering more lies and woman…new ones. He never stopped lying or cheating. It literally tore my soul to pieces. Fast forward and we are 2 1/2 years post divorce. He spent the first year and a half being single and hooking up constantly. Then he met a woman on a dating site and moved in with her 2 months later. He abandoned our 3 sons and does not have a relationship with them. He continues to lie about all kinds of things. He has blasted his new relationship all over social media claiming he’s the happiest he’s ever been in his life. Every special vacation and celebration and date we made memories with he has begun taking her to the exact same places and blasts it. He just got engaged and proposed to her the same way he did me…downtown city horse carriage ride…have the carriage stop in front of a beautiful downtown church and got down on one knee. It seems his life is perfect and he is happier than he’s ever been. How can that be when he single handedly destroyed his family and relationship with our 3 sons? Will he get his karma?

    • Ritu says:

      Dear HMB, it sounds like he’s running away from something inside of him and using sex and lies as bandaids solutions to a deeper pain inside. Do you have any idea what that might be?
      He is ALREADY paying for this Karma. He might look happy on the outside blasting his new relationship on social, but it’s a sign that he’s actually really not happy because he’s not doing anything original. He’s trying to recreate the happiness he had with you but this time with someone new. And this is never going to work.
      He is already in pain. Just from your description, I can feel it. And he’s punishing himself by distancing himself from your sons.

  • Tanisha says:

    My ex-boyfriend proposed me and made me fall in love with himself and after few months he changed his attitude towards me.. Stopped giving me time like earlier but still gave me fake hopes that he loves me unconditionally and broke up with me after few weeks didn’t even bother to tell me the reason and didn’t replied my answers.. Shockingly he knew I’m hurt about his decision but still he last time replied me in a insulted way… What you think will he get back his karma? Will he be guilty someday?

    • Ritu says:

      Yes for sure he will get back his karma. Whether he feels guilty or not depends on how quickly he realizes how he hurt you by being hurt in the same Way by somebody else

  • Yin says:

    Iv had a numerous amount of experience in having karmic relationships or relationships where iv been cheated on or lied to in a horrible way. I feel like im living in a loop and noticed that all my relationships lasted for 6 months and one lasted for 6 yrs. How do i break this karma and yes iv cheated one time before but sometimes i feel terrible i keep living in this karmic loop.

  • Nila says:

    My boyfriend/baby father of 3 years we have a daughter ive been with him through everything literally ups and downs all of it . He left me and our daughter for another woman got her pregnant treats her how i begged to be treated he cheated on me the whole time with her and it seems they’re happy and im still hurting is karma even real

    • Ritu says:

      Hi nila , yes karma is real. Just be patient and keep watching him and you will see when he will eventually have to pay back for what he did. Also ask yourself what role you played in allowing this to happen to you. This will help you get over him quicker

  • Heartbroken17 says:

    Hi I’ve been with my children’s father for 17 years and he cheated on me with one of my use to be friend don’t get me wrong I have done stuff and I have own up to it but over the years he has done my so wrong and I still took him back and forgave him even when he still was accusing me of cheating every time when I wasn’t when I started to get sick and when I needed him the most he wasn’t there for me so when I found out who he was cheating on me with it hurt me to my core and now they are rubbing it in my face and saying they are happy and blessed and as for my children’s dad he’s tarnishing my name just out right dogging me out talking bad about me to our 4 children I told him karma is a b**** he said karma isn’t going to happen to me I’m blessed god is good to me and I will always struggle and they will always be blessed and treats me like I’m beneath him I have tried to keep it cordial with him but every time I do he always try to put me down and or try to hurt me even more then telling our children that I cause this to happen but still telling other people that he still love and care for me then go back to he’s selfish ways I’ve tried to let it go so many times but 17 years is a long time just to let it go but now I have and doing my best for my children that’s all I can do is there any more information that can help me stay positive and let karma and god do their work

  • Naina says:

    Hi Ritu, I was in talks with a guy for arranged marriage. He was in US and I was in India and we were waiting for the airlines to open in the pandemic situation so that we can meet. We were in touch for 6 months. After that when the travel finally opened, I told him I am planning a trip to US to meet him. When I told him that, he said he is already seeing a girl in US itself and is going ahead with her. I was shocked but anyway told him to meet me when I come. He agreed. Now I am in US and now he is saying he still doesn’t want to meet as he is going ahead with the other girl. He never informed me this all this while when we were in touch that he has started looking at other girls. He acted like he was serious about me and I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined he would do this to me. And the worst part is that he doesn’t even feel sorry for it. What did I do to deserve this? Will he face his karma?

    • Ritu says:

      Hi Naina, thanks for sharing your story. There is definitely karma here between you two. It could be a past life thing and also your fate to end up in the US. He played his part in getting you there. There is something beautiful planned for you there in your future. Right now it is not obvious but there is. Trust in that. Forget him as much as possible and try new experiences and make new friends. See where that leads to.

  • Audia says:

    Hi, My boyfriend of 3 years recently broke up with me. I thought we had a very loving and trustworthy and beautiful relationship. Turns out, he was not happy and suppressing feeling of resentment until one day he had enough and broke up with me. In the beginning, he pursued me. I was with a different person when I met my recent ex. He pursued me, we became friends, made a move to kiss me knowing I was with someone all ready. But he was so sweet and charming and loving that he swept me off my feet. I broke up with my boyfriend to be with my recent ex. Could this breakup be my karma for my past relationship and how I cheated and handled the breakup? If so, is it possible to reconcile with someone after the karma “debt” has been repaid? I really felt a connection with my current ex but I feel this had to happen to pay my karmic debt and his because he went into our relationship seducing me to cheat. Could we survive this after the delust settles? Once we learn our lessons? I have turned my life around and have changed from having a dependency to alcohol due to our breakup, which was another reason we broke up, drinking made me a bad person. He didn’t like who I was when I drank and I couldn’t control my drinking once I started. I’m wondering if we had to expose our truths and right out wrongs in order to reconcile with each other and have a clean slate. I need enlightenment please. Because our relationship had so many beautiful moments and love. I cannot accept it was all for lessons only and that we will not end up together.

    • Ritu says:

      When it comes to karmic relationships, it is about ending the karma, not necessarily the relationship. so yes, if you feel reconciled, then the relationship can continue.

      • no one says:

        Hi, I cheated on my last relationship then after that my currently ex partner cheated on me. I believe this is a karma and I’ve been guilty of it. My question is my currently ex who made me realize my mistake be also receiving karma too?

        • Ritu says:

          I believe so. Your ex will definitely receive the karma, it’s inevitable. Unless you have past life history where you owed each other this experience.

  • KK says:

    I met a person in 2018 and apparently he was the son of my dad’s friend. I was on vacation with my friends when we met each other. We knew that something clicked. I came back and took my time. After a year or so we told each other that we are in love. I was so happy that I even told my family about it. After 8 months of being together, I saw his ex profile picture with him, I confronted him and was being told that we are only friends. I called his ex and she told me that they are in a relationship for the past 9 years and it’s not the first time he cheated on her. She’s been already cheated on 4-5 times. I thought once to forgive him, and start fresh but his ex was not ready to let him go. She wanted him at any cost whether faking emotions and crying with crocodile tears, physical stuff, etc. I loved him but I realized, it is best for me to leave him and move on. And the person and his ex are still together. I was being made the other women, without even my knowledge. I don’t know if law of karma still works.

  • Shaina says:

    I hooked up with a friend who had a girlfriend. There was no emotional connect. It didn’t mean anything. Recently my ex-fiance cheated on me emotionally, left me devastated and broke up the wedding. I wonder if karma would come back to me for cheating physically as well. I am so distraught and can’t even think how I can correct my mistake.

    • Ritu says:

      It does sound like Karma is involved here. If you see the connection then you have already started paying back the Karma. There are ways you can speed this up. Have you considered saying something to the friend’s girlfriend to confess? This might help. If that’s not an option, then speak to the friend you slept with. Clear the air. Try a clearing exercise. In the meantime, try this meditation on my shop to apologize to an ex. This is also helpful.

  • Cindy says:

    Hi l have been with someone for 18 years he has cheated on me sooo many times l have caught him he denies it he’s always on the computer talking to girls l believe in god my daughter n l have been through hell and back with him he doesn’t respect me or her he only cares about himself will karma get him

  • Argha says:

    Hi, I have been in an LDR for over 2 years with a girl. But recently she keeps on complimenting about a guy whom she seems very close to and the guy proposed her once. I really feel very bad and seems cheated but she don’t understand my feelings…. Will Karma use that guy to teach her a lesson for ignoring my real love??

    • Ritu says:

      The fact that she doesn’t understand your feelings means two things: 1. She is also attracted to the other guy and is in denial or simply wants to hide it from you. OR 2. She is completely committed to you and would really never think of cheating. In that case, she should still at least hear you out and give your feelings some respect. If you feel the respect is starting to leave, then be careful. Her heart is somewhere else.

  • Elton john says:

    My ex girlfriend cheated on me. We don’t have a proper break up, and im so depressed right now. I don’t know why she do that to me. And she don’t even care my feelings. Can someone help me?

  • Elton john says:

    my ex girlfriend cheated on me last month :((

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