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How To End A Karmic Relationship

How can someone you thought was your soulmate turn out to be the worst person in your life? When relationships start like they were made in heaven but then go sour, this is a sign that they are Karmic relationships.

And when things go bad, you must be asking yourself, “How can I get out of this? How can I end this relationship?”

When it comes to Karmic relationships, it’s not about ending the relationship. It’s about ending the Karma. To end Karmic relationships, you have to pay back your Karmic debt to the other person and/or learn whatever lesson you were supposed to learn from that relationship. Once that’s done, you are free.

Do you want to end a Karmic relationship quickly? If yes, I have good news for you. Just look back at your relationship to see how you’ve already repaid your Karmic debt.

Have you had some hard times? Have you felt some pain and suffering in this relationship? Have you come to a big realization, for example, the fact that you are tired of being mistreated by your partner? Or that you will never let someone talk to you so disrespectfully again?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the good news is that you have already started paying back your Karmic debt.

It’s not so easy to know when you’re almost finished paying back your Karmic debt because you don’t know just how much Karma you have with your partner. But there is one sign that will tell you that you’re almost at the end of this relationship.

When you start to genuinely pray for freedom from the relationship, you will know that you’re almost at the end. The more sincere your prayer is, the quicker it will happen. This is because when you sincerely pray from your heart, the Universe listens and creates more opportunities for the Karma to get burnt away.

Once all the Karma between you two is burned away, you both can be free from the relationship.

I’ll talk about the top 3 proven ways to burn Karma super fast that have worked for me further down in this post. First, let me share some more direct ways to take control of a relationship that is hurting you.

Power Phrases To Use To End Painful Karmic Relationships

Let me assume that you want to end a relationship because it’s causing you pain. And you know it’s Karmic because the other person in the relationship is a family member, your romantic partner, a difficult boss, or an old friend.


When you someone you’re in a relationship with hurts you consciously or unconsciously and you realize what’s happening, you have to say out loud and with force: “Enough!”

Let me give you an example. Once, my husband and I were fighting about my spending habits. He thought I spent too much money on chocolate (true story). This was probably his worry about our financial situation at the time but regardless of the reason, we had spent more than 15 minutes discussing this and arguing about this. Finally, I just had to say, “Enough! I am responsible for my spending habits, not you. Stop lecturing me about this right now.”

The force of my statement made him go quiet. He realized that he had crossed the line and we stopped talking. After an hour or so, he came with a pack of Malteasers that he went out and bought for me and said sorry.

“Stop now!”

When you don’t like how someone is treating you or the way someone is talking to you and you want it to stop it right away, you need to say this with force: “Stop now!”

Say it as soon into the conversation as you can.

As soon as you realize that the other person is attacking you or picking on you, say “Stop now!” with force. You won’t even need to explain yourself because it will shake them into understanding that they were being mean to you.

Some people react in a petty defensive way when you stand up for yourself like this by starting to cry or pretend that you attacked them unfairly. Don’t let this stop you from using this power phrase.

For example, kids do this all the time. When they get yelled at for doing something naughty, they pretend that they are the victim and start to cry. But they also intuitively know that they did something wrong and got called out for it. After crying for a little while, they’ll calm down and go back to normal.

When your partner is speaking to you in a way that you don’t like, tell them to stop. If this scares you, pretend you are telling a kid off for doing something he or she isn’t supposed to do.

Power Phrase: “You Are Not Allowed To Treat Me That Way!”

Sometimes people think that they are allowed to mistreat others and hurt them. They think that this is normal. In these cases you must remind them that they are not allowed to treat you that way.

When someone you’re in a relationship with hurts you unfairly or without a legitimate reason, say to them with force: “You are not allowed to treat me that way.”

If they persist, then make a stronger statement and say: “You WILL NOT treat me that way!”

You are the one who decides how you will be treated in a loving relationship. Demand the respect that you want. Set the tone of how you want to be spoken to.

There is always a power game in relationships, and this is especially true in Karmic relationships. It shouldn’t be about having power over your partner or overpowering them when it comes to making decisions. It should be about EM-powering yourself and taking control of how you are treated in the relationship.

When you start to use power phrases like this with your partner, you are creating more opportunities for the Karma between you to finish.

By taking your power in a relationship back, you are taking responsibility for your Karma and becoming stronger in the process.

This causes a chain reaction and if your Karmic relationship is supposed to end, it will end even sooner. If it is meant to be healed, your Karmic relationship will be healed sooner.

The Best Thing To Resolve Conflict In A Karmic Relationship That No One Ever Does

Anytime someone attacks you emotionally, or even physically, it is more about them than you. This is particularly true in romantic relationships.

For example, your boyfriend got yelled at by his boss at work and he started a fight with you as soon as he got home. Or your wife had a fight with her mom and started nitpicking on your and criticizing you unfairly. Or you are worried about your money situation and you start picking on your wife for her spending habits.

You may not know what the underlying reason for your partner’s hurtful behaviour toward you is and you are not responsible to fix it. But you are allowed to say this power phrase to your partner:

“If you are angry and sad about something, do something about it! Don’t take it out on me. I don’t deserve that.”

This comes back to the power struggle in every relationship. When you say this to your partner, you empower him or her to take their power back from whatever negative experience they had. When they realize that they have the power over how to react to their own negative experience, they won’t feel the need to take it out on you.

When you help them realize that something else is hurting them, then they realize that they need to process that pain. By doing this, you are making sure that they don’t turn you into a punching bag to release their emotions.

Bonus power phrase: “I love you but that does not give you the right to be mean to me.”

This phrase bring back the memory of Eminem’s song “Love The Way You Lie”, at least the music video.

This is the kind of relationship you don’t want to have. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you will tolerate being disrespected and being hurt. Loving someone doesn’t mean giving them the right to walk all over you.

When you can tell that your partner is crossing the line and hurting you unnecessarily, call them out on it. Say to them with power in your voice and strength in your eyes: “I love you but that does not give you the right to be mean to me.”

They will stop dead in their tracks because of one thing. You just placed a mirror in front of them and showed them that they are simply being mean to you. If they care about you, then they will stop right away after they see this.

How To End A Karmic Relationship By Burning Your Karma Fast

As I mentioned above, it’s about ending the Karma and not the relationship. It’s possible that a “toxic” relationship becomes harmonious again after all the bad Karma is burned off.

It is also possible that a relationship ends very easily and peacefully after the Karma between both people is finished.

I’ll say it again: It’s about ending the Karma, not the relationship.

How do you finish all your Karma with somebody so you can quickly end the relationship? These are my top 3 ways to burn through Karma quickly.

Live Life Fully

Dive into life and embrace all new experiences. Try to enjoy the little things in life with your partner despite the fact that you are having difficulties in your relationship.

The more cool experiences you share together, the more opportunities you will have for working out your Karma together. If they are pleasant experiences, then you will see that there is still love and hope in the relationship. If they are bad experiences, then you will know that it’s time to walk away.

It is just as important to have unique experiences on your own. You need time to yourself, away from your partner, to process how you feel about your partner. When you’re away from him, do you miss him? Are you happy to be on your own and are wishing that you didn’t have to see him later? Or are you happy alone but still looking forward to being together again?

You wouldn’t get a chance to feel these feelings if you are together 24/7. Take some time apart to let your true feelings come to the surface.

Don’t Avoid Confrontation

If you’re like me, you hate confrontation. I’d rather be on the losing end of a deal than get into a difficult negotiation.

When it comes to relationships though, you can’t avoid confrontation because it will just keep eating at you from the inside.

Until you share with your partner how he hurt you, the pain will keep spreading inside you like acid and burning you from the inside. It will turn toxic and you’ll hurt yourself and your partner way more than if you just shared with him what’s bothering you right away.

You also have to be willing to listen to your partner when he tells you that you have hurt him. It goes both ways.

Yes, it’s embarrassing to realize that you’ve hurt your partner deeply. But you won’t be able to heal your relationship if you are completely unaware of how you are damaging it.

Burn Karma Through Meditation

The one place where I learn most about myself is when I’m sitting down to meditate. This whole blog started because I finally learned to meditate. It also helped me to get out of the biggest depression I went through in my mid-twenties.

It’s a fact that meditation, specifically certain kinds of meditation like Atma Kriya Yoga burn your Karma. How does it do that? Well, there’s the fact that you are sitting in silence and finally looking at yourself.

When you examine yourself and your experiences, you can learn from it. The more you learn, the more Karma gets burned away, and the closer you get to becoming free.

Take my free 5-day meditation class to get started with a strong and effective meditation practice that will help you burn your Karma and end your Karmic Relationships.

How Did You End Your Karmic Relationship?

Now I want to hear from you. Have you ever had to end a Karmic Relationship? How did you do it? Is there something you can share in the comments that will help the next reader?

Do you have any questions about how your Karma is affected after breaking someone’s heart? Or have you wondered whether Karma will get your ex back for breaking your heart? I’d love to know so comment below.

Karma in Romantic Relationships

Have you ever been through a breakup and are you worried that you will get bad karma for breaking someone’s heart? No matter how you feel about your breakup and the relationship you had before it broke up, let me tell you something. Your relationships create Karma. All relationships create Karma. There is a very good chance that you are with the person you are with now (or were with last) because of some Karma that you had to work out with him.

I can only speak from experience so here’s my real-life example of how Karma works in relationships.

Real Example Of How Karma Works In Relationships

So, I once dated a guy. He was a really good guy and I loved him a lot. It was the kind of love that cracked my heart open and it was the first time that my love for another human being brought me to tears. But then, I grew older and wanted new experiences and wanted to hang out with new people so I broke that good guy’s heart and we parted ways.

Thanks to Karma, 10 years later he is back in my life but it’s not really him. This time, I AM him. And someone else is doing to me all the things that I did to him long ago.

That’s how Karma works. It gives you a chance to square up for everything you have done to others by enduring the same treatment yourself.

Karma in Kali Age

According to the Vedic scriptures and the yoga tradition, we are in Kali Yuga at the moment. Yuga means age, and Kali is the age that is charactarized by time being sped up, human lives being shorter and a lot more things happening in a lot less time. I think this applies to our Karma as well. Instead of doing someone wrong and not having to pay for it till your next life or next incarnation, in this age, you pay in one lifetime for most things.

In the case of the really nice guy who I hurt 10 years ago, I had the chance to experience what I put him through by being put in his shoes. And the thing is, I have been in the “heartbreaker’s” shoes as well, and I can’t even be angry at that person. I know that there is no other way.

There was no other way for me to have behaved back then and that’s why when it happened to me, I had to sit back and observe the identical situation from the flip side.

When you finally stop dating the same guy over and over again, you end up dating yourself

A former version of you turns up in your life for you to learn a lesson from. I suppose it’s kind of like when you become a parent and finally realize how much of a brat you were to your mom and dad. Karma in relationships allows that to happen a little sooner.

A former version of you comes along and breaks your heart in the exact same way that you broke someone else’s. You get to experience being the offender and the offended. You come full circle.

How to deal with Karma For Breaking Someone’s Heart

I wrote a whole post about this but in short, my advice here is not to freak out. You may feel like a mean, old version of you has turned up to hurt and get even with the current version you. I don’t believe it’s about Karma getting even with you. I believe that it is simply a way for you to find empathy for the one you hurt before. It is simply to feel love for them, feel their pain and most importantly, to love yourself anyway despite what you have done in the past.

Love yourself anyway.

Your actions in the past were inevitable. Those actions were destined. Just be at peace with what you did in the past no matter how many hearts you broke. You have probably experienced, first hand, what it felt like to those people when their hearts were broken. If you haven’t, you probably will soon.

Just accept it.

Just love, yourself, anyway.

If you don’t know how, start with treating yourself to a manicure. And meditation always helps when you want a more lasting kind of self-love.

With my love and acceptance,


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Originally published April 22, 2015. Updated May 22, 2020.

Will Karma Get My Ex For Hurting Me?

If you’ve ever been dumped before then this question must have crossed your mind: “Will Karma get my ex for hurting me?” I have asked this countless times after getting dumped in High School and then again in my early twenties.

Now that I’m in my mid-thirties, I can tell you this from first-hand experience: Yes! Karma will most definitely get your ex back for what he or she did to you. How do I know this? Because I’ve LIVED through it – both as a dumpee and as a dumper.

Karma will make sure that your ex understands just how badly they hurt you because they will be hurt in the exact same way. If they left you for someone else, their next partner will leave them for someone else. If they cheated on you, they will get cheated on. That’s simply how Karma works.

Every book on Karma will tell you this: every single action someone takes, creates Karma. Good actions create good Karma (or Punya) and bad actions create bad Karma.

But wait! I’m not just regurgitating book knowledge. I’m telling you that this is 100% true because it is what I’ve experienced first hand on many separate occasions in my life. I share my personal stories below so read on.

Will Karma Get Him For Breaking My Heart?

When your ex dumped you and hurt you, he or she created a lot of Karma that they will have to pay for. Their Karma and their action will come back around and hurt them in the exact same way they hurt you when they dumped you.

So, YES. Karma will get your ex for breaking your heart.

Karma will get your ex so hard that they won’t know what hit them. But eventually, when they’ve suffered enough in the hands of someone else, something will click in their brain. They will finally realize they are getting back all the pain and suffering that they gave to you so long ago.

I’ll share a true story from my life about how Karma got my ex back at the end of this post, so keep reading.

Will My Ex Feel Bad For Hurting Me?

You can bet that your ex will feel bad for hurting you.

And if he or she doesn’t? Don’t worry. Karma will make sure they keep suffering until they realize what they did to you and feel sorry about it.

The thing is though that Karma works on a different timeline than what we are used to. It can take years, decades, or even lifetimes for someone to learn their lesson.

If someone doesn’t learn their lesson or pay for the bad Karma they created in this life, then they will learn it in their next life. They will never be free until they’ve learned their lesson.

Not only is it necessary that your ex feel bad for hurting you, but they must also truly feel sorry about it. Otherwise, they will never heal.

Even though Karma has its own timing and I said that it can take lifetimes until your ex will learn their lesson, it can also happen incredibly fast.

According to Yoga and Hindu philosophy, we are in the Kali Yuga (Kali Age) right now and in this time period, time is sped up. Karma in Kali Age and specifically how Karma works in romantic relationships in much faster.

Here’s the good news. Because it is Kali Age, when your ex breaks your heart, they will have to pay for this Karma in this lifetime. Even if they are 90 years old when they learn their lesson, Kali Yug will make sure they learn it.

How Do I Get Revenge On My Ex?

It’s completely natural that after you’ve been hurt, you want to hurt your ex back. Sometimes it’s not enough to leave it in Karma’s hands. Sometimes you might want to take it into your own hands and get revenge on your ex.

But here’s why shouldn’t. Not only are you lowering yourself to the level of your horrible ex, but you are also interfering with Karma. Be patient and let Karma do its thing.

If you try to take things into your own hands and get revenge on your ex, you’ll be creating so much bad Karma for yourself that you’ll be paying for it for lifetimes.

How Do You Respond To An Ex Who Broke Your Heart?

There’s nothing that can throw you off your balance than when your ex contacts you.

When your ex who broke your heart messages you out of the blue and wants to be in touch again, just wait. How you respond should be different based on what they say.

If they messaged you to say sorry, pause before you write back. Close your eyes and meditate for a minute. What do you feel in your gut? Is this real or just an excuse to weasel back into your life and vampire on your emotions?

Here’s a short video with a simple meditation that might help you to figure out how to respond to your ex when they contact you out of the blue.

Let your intuition tell you what their true intention is. If you feel that they are truly sorry, then write back and say, “Thanks for writing to me and for saying sorry. I appreciate it. Stay well.”

Keep it short and end the conversation.

Can Ex-Lovers Be Friends?

Can you be friends with your ex? Let me put it in one word.


Absolutely not.

Just don’t do it.

It will never be non-sexual or non-emotional with an ex. You have a history together and you will never be able to pretend that nothing happened between you two. You know things about each other that no one else does. It’s simply too intimate to be just friends.

Even when couples have a mutual breakup, it is never neutral afterwards. One person always desires the other a little more. One person is always sadder about the breakup than the other person. The scales are never ever even again.

This is especially true when one person hurt the other one.

You can try to make it work as friends but don’t be surprised when things get complicated or awkward. You might be setting yourself up for more heartache in the future if you choose to be friends with an ex who hurt you.

People don’t change. If your ex hurt you before, there is a 99% chance that they will hurt you again.

If your ex wants to be friends, just tell them that you have moved on and even though you appreciate the offer, it’s just not going to work for you and you don’t want to be friends.

How Karma Got My Ex Back (True Story)

In my early twenties, I was in a relationship with a guy who was about 10 years older than me. It’s not a huge age gap when someone who is 33 is dating someone who is 43. When a 23-year-old is dating a 33-year old, however, it’s a whole different level.

The older guy was obviously much more established in his career than me. In fact, I had just started working in my first real job. He was so successful at his job and quite rich, or at least that’s the impression he was trying to give everyone with his BMW convertible and fancy loft apartment.

But he didn’t impress me with his money. He knew the secret trick to get a young, slightly insecure girl to like him – just by being nice to her.

He was so nice to me and he was kind. He’d check in on how I was doing with multiple chat messages a day. He’d offer to grab me lunch 2-3 times a week, even if it was a simple sandwich from the corner store.

He made me feel that he was concerned for me and I fell for him.

I’m sure I gave away quite obviously that I liked him and he simply loved being admired.

One day we were out on the beach with a group of friends and obviously because I was in my bathing suit, he finally took notice of me. I hate to say it so crassly, but it’s true. That day, he finally made a move and kissed me.

I was so happy, you can’t imagine it. I was like a little girl who finally got her prince charming. But I was a little bit shocked and sad because he had kissed me when no one else was around and as we made plans to meet later on, it was obvious that he didn’t want anyone to know that we were going to see each other.

Even though I realized that we would have to date in secret, I accepted it because it still felt too good to be true. How could such a gorgeous, successful and older guy like someone as simple, young, and naive as me?

But little did I know, that’s exactly why he wanted me. Because I was so naive.

We dated for 2-3 months until my intuition started dropping clues to me that something was off with this guy.

I had a dream that he was with another mutual friend who also happened to be a lot younger than him. Almost a year later I found out that he had indeed been seeing her at the same time as he was seeing me.

Your intuition is a powerful thing so keep flexing that muscle with meditation.

Once I started getting the feeling that something was off, he must have sensed it because he started distancing himself and eventually broke it off with me.

Here’s how Karma got him back.

In a weird trick of time, it actually happened partially before he was ever with me.

I found out that his ex had left him in a really messy way and there was a child involved.

He also got what he deserved because his best female friend also dumped him later. If you’ve ever had to break up with a friend, you know how painful it is.

It’s been almost 15 years since this happened and as far as I know, he’s still single. I’m not sure because I don’t keep in touch with him anymore. It’s better that way.

I’m sure he’s been cheated on in the meantime and been forced to be in a secret relationship. Everything that he did to me has been done to him – by Karma.

How About You?

So what brought you here to be reading this right now? Were you hurt by an ex and you’re hoping against hope that they will feel a fraction of the pain that they put you through?

Are you thinking about how you could get revenge on your ex? Has your ex contacted you lately? Do you think they feel bad about hurting you? Do they want your forgiveness? Do they want to be friends again?

And what do you want? Would you take them back as a friend? Or even as a lover? Can you forgive them for hurting you?

I’d love to know, so tell me your story in the comments.

You can help another reader by sharing your advice and your questions, so I hope you’ll share.

If you know someone who has been hurt in a relationship, please share this post with them. You could be helping ease someone deep pain.

Karmic Attraction: Everything You Need To Know

When I was thinking about all the relationships I’ve had in the past, I wondered whether the particularly crazy, intense ones happened because of Karmic attraction. So I did some research and looked back and examined five of my craziest relationships to find out the answer.

So, what is Karmic attraction? Karmic attraction is when you are uncontrollably physically and/or emotionally attracted to someone without any apparent reason. The real reason is your Karmic history with each other which is still hidden from you.

You were probably lovers in a past life or desired each other in a past life. Now you have Karma to finish with each other and that’s why the Universe is bringing you together again with Karmic attraction.

What is Karmic Attraction?

Some call it love at first sight and some call it that spark that often leads to a one night stand but often turns into a relationship.

Karmic attraction is extremely hard to ignore and your will power is pretty much useless when you try to suppress your karmic attraction towards someone. If you try to ignore it, then the person you feel this attraction towards starts popping up in your dreams, on your social feeds, and you start mistaking strangers for them on the street.

It’s like an invasion of your brain!

How to tell if you are Karmically attracted to someone?

Let’s get serious for a second though. There are some obvious signs that the attraction you are feeling towards someone is Karmic.

The number one sign that it is Karmic attraction is that the attraction is instant.

For instance, you spot each other across the dance floor and you can’t take your eyes off each other. You find yourself moving towards each other shyly and standing really close but not yet talking. But it feels good to stand near each other in silence even though you are still strangers.

Or you are walking down the aisle at your church or temple trying to find a good seat and suddenly someone looks up at you and your make eye-contact.

It’s like an electric shock just ran through your entire body and you are tingling all over (I mean like all over) and you are completely flustered. This is the last person you’d think would give you such a feeling and worst of all, in church or in temple!? Oh my.

Karmic Attraction intensifies over time

The second sign that this is Karmic attraction is that the attraction intensifies more and more with time.

Let’s say that the person you’re attracted to is a coworker or your boss. You know you shouldn’t go there but you just can’t help it.

You think about that person constantly, peep over your computer screen to sneak a peek at him or her, and find yourself timing when you take your coffee break in case you spot him or her in the kitchen.

Even though you don’t act on it, you start smiling at that person more and more, laughing at almost everything they say, and going out of the way to be nice to them.

The third sign of Karmic attraction is purer in a sense. It is when the other person feels they could be a part of your family.

If the person you are feeling a sudden attraction to feels so familiar that you can be super comfortable in the presence of each other then this is a Karmic connection.

You can truly be yourself. You don’t have to pretend or try to act cool. You can be vulnerable with each other and let your guard down.

You might even find yourself saying “I love you” to this person without realizing that you’re saying it because the feeling is coming from deep within your heart.

How to tell if someone is Karmically attracted to you?

Now that you know you are Karmically attracted to someone, you want to be sure that he or she feels the same way about you.

The most obvious sign to tell if someone is feeling Karmic attraction towards you is that the instant attraction I mentioned above is mutual.

The second sign is that it feels very familiar to be with each other and the other person obviously feels the same way.

The third sign shows itself with time when the attraction intensifies as time goes on even when both of you try to suppress it.

This shows that there is something bigger in play here than just the two of you, which is your Karmic history with each other.

Even if you try to resist, the Karmic attraction will make sure you enter some kind of relationship with each other so you can finish your Karma with each other.

This could be as short as a one-night stand, a friends-with-benefits situation, a 5-year long relationship, a marriage or an affair.

A personal story about Karmic attraction

I’ll share a personal story of how I entered into a fun but ultimately painful relationship because of Karmic attraction.

I met this guy, let’s call him Nick, in my last year of University. At the time, he had a huge crush on my best friend so even though I thought he was interesting, I didn’t think of him in that way at all. A few months later, I ended up dating his best friend and we all started hanging out together in one big friend circle.

After University, we saw each other now and again because of our shared social circles. My best friend was dating someone new and I was still in a relationship with Nick’s friend.

It became obvious though that Nick was attracted to me and to my surprise, I was attracted to him too. This was difficult for me since I was still in a relationship at the time.

We kept our distance physically but often found ourselves deep in conversation which made everyone around us feel quite uncomfortable. We all made a bigger effort that we wouldn’t all hang out together again.

A few years later, I bumped into Nick again near my workplace. I was now single and so was he. Our unexplainable attraction brought us together this time. The situation was still delicate since I had dated his best friend and he had wanted to date mine in the past, but we started seeing each other.

We couldn’t help ourselves and ended up dating in secret for a few months. It wasn’t a real boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, and I’m pretty sure that he was seeing other girls at the same time, we had a beautiful time together.

How Karmic attraction often ends…

The end of our relationship was less than perfect though. In fact, it was downright painful.

How karmic attraction ends

Towards the end, it started to feel like I was pouring all my love from my heart out to him, and not getting a single drop of love back. It was creating a big black hole in my heart that was just bleeding out love without being replenished.

Our relationship wasn’t ever official, but that didn’t stop me from deeply caring about him.

I still wonder sometimes whether he couldn’t give me back any love because he didn’t feel love towards himself. But that’s probably just me making excuses for his behaviour.

Looking back, now I know that it was a Karmic attraction between us because of how it started and how it ended. Our history from past lives was so intertwined that in this life we also got entangled with each other.

Maybe in a past life, I didn’t love him back the way he loved me. So in this life, that’s the treatment I got from him.

Or maybe the lesson I needed to learn was that it’s not OK to pour out your love and caring for someone and not receive anything in return. I needed to learn how to say, “No. That’s enough. I don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who just takes, takes, and takes, and gives nothing back in return.”

In the end, I was hurting so bad that I had to cut him out of my life entirely. In fact, I made a video about it a couple of months after we ended things, which explains how I ended our relationship. Skip to the 1:35 min mark.

Is Karmic attraction good or bad?

Often people often think that Karmic attraction is automatically connected to sexual attraction, but this is not always the case. There can be Karmic attraction that leads to a platonic relationship as well.

Another area where Karmic attraction can bring two people together is in Karmic friendships. Any relationship where people become entangled in each other’s lives is a Karmic relationship. Karmic attraction often brings the people together so they can work repay their Karmic debt to each other.

So, is Karmic attraction good or bad?

It is neither good nor bad. It is inevitable.

If you have a Karmic debt towards someone, life and the Universe will bring you together through whatever means it can so that you can repay your debt and be free.

Have you ever felt Karmic attraction towards someone? How did it start? And how did it end? Let me know in the comments.

20 Relationship Karma Quotes That Will Make You Feel Good

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Will karma get my ex?” then you must have wished at least once that this was true. Well, lucky for you, Karma will most definitely get your ex. Don’t worry. Leave it in karma’s hands.

Sometimes when you’ve been hurt by someone in a romantic relationship, it’s hard to make sense of why it happened. What did you do to deserve this pain? We often don’t realize that we played a part in it and we have the power to overcome the pain and neutralize the karma.

Healing karmic relationships is easier than you think and often the quickest way to get over and get even with your ex.

It would be good to work on ourselves and heal the pain at its root in our heart, but sometimes you need a good laugh to get even with your ex. These funny quotes about relationship and breakup karma will make you feel good for now about your ex.

Let me tell you, he or she is not off the hook. Karma is watching and it will get even. It’s a universal law. Scroll down for all the quotes or watch my video summarizing everything here.

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Funny quotes about relationship karma

“It’s called Karma and it’s pronounced HA-HA-HA!”

“I saw that!” – Karma

“Karma never loses an address.”

“Karma’s just sharpening her nails and finishing her drink. She’ll be with you shortly.”

“Karma isn’t a bitch. It’s a mirror.”

You will never understand the damage you did to another person until the same is done to you. – Karma

“I hope Karma slaps you in the face before I do.”

“In the end, karma will be a bigger bitch than I’ll ever need to be.” – Karma

“Dear Karma, I have a list of people you missed.”

“Keep calm and let Karma finish it.”

“Revenge? Nah, I’m too lazy. I’m gonna sit here and let Karma fuck you up.”

“Sometimes you have to walk away and let karma take over.”

“Karma has no deadline.”

“When the karma of a relationship is done, only love remains. It’s safe. Let go.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

“You can’t do ugly things to people and expect to live a beautiful life.”

“Karma is nothing more than a reminder that we are one. Harming others we ultimately end up harming ourselves.” – Gordana Biernat

“You get what you give.”

“Men are not punished because of their sins, but by them.” – Elbert Hubbard

“They who give have all things; they who withhold have nothing.” – Hindu Proverb

“Whatever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” – The Bible

Coronavirus, Marriage, Relationships, and Karma

Is my marriage going to survive the Coronavirus?” I found myself asking this question over and over in my head during the last few days of the Coronavirus quarantine. If you’ve been wondering whether your relationship will survive the Coronavirus, you’re not the only one.

Thousands of people are wondering the same thing because they are also struggling in their relationships during the Covid-19 lockdown. The New York Times has even coined the term “Covidivorces”. Although initially, we all laughed that 300 couples filed for divorce immediately after coming out of quarantine in China, now it’s slowly dawning upon us that we might personally contribute to a similar trend in our own countries. And we are scared.

We are asking ourselves questions like, “Does my husband or partner love me enough to WANT to stay together after this is over?” and the scarier question which is, “Do I love my husband or partner enough to truthfully stay in this relationship any longer?”

You might also be wondering, “Is he emotionally cheating on me? Why is he on his phone more than usual? Is he texting his ex?” And again, worse is when your mind keeps wandering back to your ex and memories of the pure love you shared keep surfacing in your heart.

Why Are People Having So Many Relationship Problems Because Of The Coronavirus?

The specific questions that are coming up for you right now during the Coronavirus quarantine are coming up precisely because these are the exact topics that you have been trying to suppress.

Many spiritual thought leaders are saying that the whole reason that this virus has hit our planet is to force us to finally look at the stuff we’ve been trying to ignore and/or suppress, e.g. climate change, animal agriculture, and some say even political and economic corruption.

The Coronavirus effect on our marriage and relationships is the same. It is forcing us to see and face the problems we’ve been ignoring and suppressing in our marriages and relationships.

These problems range from surface-level things like you not liking how your partner chews his food really loudly, to some very deep stuff, like you not agreeing with his parenting style and how he disciplines your children.

The top 5 relationship problems that you are Suppressing

In my experience, here are the top 5 relationship problems that you most likely have been trying to suppress that the Coronavirus is bringing up to the surface:

  1. You are completely out of touch with how your partner really feels. You “think” you know how he’s feeling and you “guess” he’s happy in the relationship, but in reality, he is not happy and is starting to fall out of love with you.
  2. You’re telling yourself that you guys are in a “good place” right now and you really believe it, but the undercurrent of dissatisfaction surfaces now and again in explosive fights.
  3. You’re lying to yourself that you are both happy in your relationship because it’s easier than having to think about all the things you’ll have to do and wonder about where you’ll go if you had to split up.
  4. You have the completely wrong idea of why your partner is upset and unhappy to be in a relationship with you. You have asked him questions, you’ve done your best to guess what is making him unhappy, but the real reason has been completely hidden from you.
  5. You have been very cruel and hurtful to your partner. A part of you knows this and you’re ashamed about this but it’s easier to ignore your behaviour than to truly say sorry.

Before I tell you how to address each of these problems, let me tell you a bit more about how the Coronavirus is forcing us to face the issues that we’re trying to ignore.

Coronavirus, Marriage Problems, and Karma

Actually, the Youtube Channel, Dharma Speaks explains it well in this video.

In summary:

The world is facing the same calamity but in reality each of us is individually dealing with the same calamity in a completely different way. The cosmic order is being recalibrated and what this means for each one of us is that our own individual Dharma is being reestablished.

If we look at the effects of this global crisis everybody has been forced into different challenges. Some are having to face the fear of death and realize the precious nature of life. Others are having to come to terms with immense financial difficulties and some are having to deal with prolonged social isolation.

Such challenges are specifically designed to bring each one of us back to our innate purpose they come about to make us reflect and see what is important.

They are there to make us face the issues we have suppressed or denied.

Life is constantly trying to make us more spiritually conscious and live in line with the reason we have been born but why we might ask does this have to be done in such a harsh way? Why can’t there be a more direct and easier method with which to learn?

The truth is transformation will only happen when we are challenged.

Dharma Speaks Youtube Channel

Let me echo that last sentence. The truth is transformation will only happen when we are challenged.

The Corona quarantine is challenging us. It’s extremely difficult to spend this much time with our partners and with no one else to distract us or take the edge off. It’s downright painful.

It is because of this pain that we’ll finally breakthrough our own resistance is facing the deep issues in our marriages and relationships. This pain is ultimately what will save our marriage and relationships.

Is my marriage going to survive the Coronavirus?

Coming back to my original question, “Is your marriage going to survive the Coronavirus?” The answer is, yes, it is – but only if you take the following 3 steps. certain steps to help .

Your marriage will survive the Covid-19 quarantine if you:

  1. Look at the problems in your relationship that you’re trying to suppress instead of pretending they are not there.
  2. Reach out to someone you trust for help and advice and/or go to couples counseling immediately. Luckily this can be done online.
  3. Have the courage to ask your partner what’s wrong and be ready to see and feel how you might have hurt him. Once you truly feel his pain, have the courage to say sorry and mean it.

To address the 5 main relationship problems that you are likely suppressing, that the Coronavirus is trying to bring up for you, you have to follow the 3 steps above. Start with the second step – that’s what I did.

When I started to really ask myself, “Is my marriage going to survive the Coronavirus?” I reached out to my dad and asked him for advice. Not everyone has a trusted and open relationship with their dad or mom so this might not be possible for you, but take this step anyway.

Reach out for help.

Ask your friends for a recommendation for a couples counselor and go for a session together with your partner. It takes strength to ask someone for help. You are strong and you can do this.

You will survive the Coronavirus and so will your marriage and your relationship.

Stay healthy, stay well.

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