Why is this important to you?

This is important to you because if you don’t hear the Calling that is coming from deep within you, if you keep ignoring the whispers, then the cost will too high. Just like when you ignore one of the most natural, instinctual callings of your body – Hunger, you feel uncomfortable, then you feel pain, then you feel irritable, then maybe weak and if you keep ignoring this primal calling of hunger forever, you will eventually wither away.

The cost of ignoring a Calling is high and the biggest fact is that this pain could be avoided. It can be avoided if you just acknowledge the whisper that is coming from deep within you.

Your Role in The Lifester Calling Sessions is to show up for yourself.
Your Role to honour the whisper from within you.

My role is to transfer to you all of my knowledge, insights and systems and the meditation techniques so that you can continue this journey within on your own. I’m not going to kid you here. This is a lifelong journey and the only person who will stick around with your till the end… is you. You owe it to yourself to answer this Calling.

It’s important that you have what it takes to quiet down and hear your Calling yourself, that you can have the strength inside you to access it.

[themecolor]I hereby promise to show up and fulfill my role and now you have to show up too, for YOU.[/themecolor]

Now go back to the schedule page and make sure all the dates are in your calendar. On the scheduled day, show up – in person, or online.

See you there!