Meditation has changed my life. I have told you this story in pretty much every other page of this site. In fact, The Lifester wouldn’t even exist if I didn’t meditate because meditation gives me the inspiration where I get the ideas to make this into what it is. In meditation, I get the inner strength to do all the hard stuff that comes as part of the entrepreneurial/teaching/healing/caring/leadership journey. Hear my story in this video below…

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jenny sansouci

 “Ritu is like a ray of sunlight! Her dedication to personal growth and to helping others live happier lives is inspiring. Her positive energy is contagious, and I always feel more hopeful and uplifted after spending time with her.”

Jenny Sansouci

laurel moll pic

“Went from tired and overwhelmed to centered and excited after a magical meditation skype session with my favorite Canadian. Blessed.”

Laurel Moll
– Author,

I know you will love this free course. It is simple, effective and afterwards, we will be doing the SAME meditation that I do in my own personal practice, everyday!!!

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