Why Meditate?

We all have an inner wisdom within us, a guiding light, an oasis of peace and calm, an inner strength, an inner self. The problem is that we can’t easily access it.

Connection to this inner self gives you the power transform your life, work and balance in the world. Connection to this inner self brings a sense of peace, clarity and confidence into your life. Connection to this part within you gives you inner stillness and strength that you can tap into. This connection gives you a different way of living that is aligned with your true self.

This connection comes through meditation. 

Meditation and yoga in the park - om chanting 2

  • Meditation has the power to transform your negative thoughts into loving and positive thoughts.
  • Meditation has the power to transform inspiration into ideas and then turn them into action.
  • Meditation has the power to transform your indecision to crystal clear clarity.
  • Meditation gives you the power to go from being lost to knowing exactly where you are going.

Not all meditation is equal.

atma kriya yoga meditationAtma Kriya Yoga is unique because the techniques work specifically to open the heart and increase love and spirituality.

Atma Kriya comes from the ancient tradition of Kriya Yoga and Bhakti Yoga.

You can also practice  Atma Kriya as it assists in the health, wellbeing and spiritual development of those who practice.

The Atma Kriya techniques heighten the immune system, increase mental concentration and awaken pure and unconditional love.

Real LIFE changes happen at a great speed when you practice Atma Kriya Meditation.

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