Hello my dear newsletter subscriber! Here is my first recorded meditation that I promised you. I call this the Happiness Meditation because it uses the memory of happiness and love for yourself as a tool which is used with focus and intention to increase your levels of happiness.

Try it out! Just sit yourself on the floor, on a yoga mat, on a meditation pillow or on a chair. Sit with your back straight. Open your hands and rest them on our knees or thighs making sure they are facing up. Play this audio meditation, close your eyes gently and relax into it!

[soundcloud url=https://soundcloud.com/rituashrafi/happiness-meditation-by-ritu]

You can also download this for your computer or iPod from Soundcloud above or by right clicking this link and selecting “Save as”: Happiness Meditation by Ritu Ashrafi.

Hope you like this Happiness Meditation. Let me know if you have any feedback or requests on something particular that you want a meditation for. I am happy to customize one just for you. Send me a message through our Contact page and I will get back to you.

With Love,