Your spot in the Detroit Atma Kriya Yoga Workshop on February 20th – 21st is now confirmed.

Just so you have it, the details of the workshop are below. Please read over the FAQs again and come prepared.

Can’t wait to see you on the 20th of Feb to start your life changing journey of Atma Kriya Yoga!

Course Details

Date: Saturday-Sunday, February 20th-21st, 2016

Time: 10AM – 5PM

Location: 1700 W Big Beaver Rd, Suite 260, Troy, MI 48084

Organizers: Ritu (647-462-2214) & Chris Grant (248-909-6694)



[wc_accordion collapse=”0″ leaveopen=”0″ layout=”box”] [wc_accordion_section title=”Do I need to bring anything?”]

Bring a notebook and a pen to take notes with. You will receive a manual that you can make notes on as well.

Bring your yoga mat on the second day of the course. You will need it for the asanas.

Bring a cushion on sit on if you prefer to sit and meditate on the floor.

If you have your own meditation beads or Japa mala, you can bring that with you.

[/wc_accordion_section] [wc_accordion_section title=”What should I wear?”]

Wear comfortable, loose clothes and wear layers to keep yourself warm. There is a small section of the course that has physical exercises, so wear something that won’t restrict your movement.

[/wc_accordion_section] [wc_accordion_section title=”Is there a cancellation policy?”]

It is understandable when things come up and you might need to cancel for some unexpected reason. Since I am traveling to NYC specifically to give this course and because there are costs associated with that, I can’t offer you a full refund if you cancel. However, if you absolutely need to cancel, you will get a 50% refund if you inform us 7 days before the course.



Contact Information

Contact us with your questions. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Email: OR

Tel: Ritu (647-462-2214) & Chris Grant (248-909-6694)

Official Atma Kriya Yoga website:

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