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Our next event is in FEBRUARY: 16.2.24

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Dates for 2024: 

January 19
February 16
March 22
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June 21

Our Mission

Womännedorf was born from the desire to create community!
Our events focus on building lasting relationships that lead to organic business collaboration.
So if you’re looking for support, the chance to connect with a wide range of talented businesswomen, build lasting friendships, and gain fresh referrals for your growing business, then Womännedorf could be for you.

Photos from our MARCH 2024 event

This month our theme was: Quitting corporate finance, establishing a profitable business, and balancing it all.
Our guest speaker Min Wang left her high profile finance job and gave her lifeblood to launching her first business, Exchange Pro 8 years ago. Getting it to be profitable nearly burnt her out and now she's on a mission to help women find success in self-employment without losing their inner balance. Her website: minwang.ch

Photos from our February 2024 event

This month Sumitra Claudia Burri spoke about establishing a fully booked practice as a therapist and healer. Claudia has 12+ years of experience as a healer and therapist in the Zürich Oberland area. Even as a mother of 3 boys she has a fully booked practice. She will share her marketing and mindset strategies to create a therapy practice that works for you on your terms. Learn more about her at https://cranio-praxis-burri.ch

Photos from our December 15 event

In our last event of the year, we were again an intimate but powerful group. Ritu gave a presentation about what Family Constellations is, and we talked about our 2024 plans. Watch a recording of her presentation here: https://thelifester.com/what-is-family-constellation-therapy-and-why-it-is-so-effective/

Photos from our November 24th event

Thanks for attending our November meetup. We welcomed new faces from the local community, shared inspiration and learned about the 5 Elements. I'm grateful that the Womännedorf community is growing and the word is spreading from person to person. Here's to finishing the year strongly and leaping into the New Year with a renewed sense of "why". ♥️ Ritu

Photos from our October 27 event

Our second Autumn gathering was Warm, Welcoming, and inspired us for the Way forward. Lots of our members came back and we welcomed one new Gold Coast entrepreneur from Meilen. We had a Halloween surprise where everyone got to choose a sweet or salty treat - Pumpkin pie or Pumpkin chutney on Cheddar cheese and crackers, sponsored by Under The Mighty Oak from Männedorf.

Photos from our September 29th event

Our last event was small and cozy and yet strong and timely. Valuable connections were made and businesses were supported.

Photos from our August 25th event

Our 3rd meeting was small and intimate. Dr. Sandra Geiger shared her valuable wisdom and advice about following your interests and passions, even if it means changing your degree and specialization, balancing motherhood and profession, and starting small. Susan shared some delicious teas from Ringana and offered us lovely samples to take home. It was nice to meet after the summer break and we look forward to the next one!

Photos from our June 23 event

Our second meeting was bigger than the first! We had 9 newcomers and a surprise Jazz music performance. Again, our members left feeling uplifted and supported.

Photos from our May 26th event

13 women gathered for our very first inaugural event held in May 2023. The positive energy and high vibration was palpable and we left the event uplifted and ready to come back for more!