Today,  we will begin our lesson by going over yesterday’s technique first. This will set the tone and calm us down into a meditative mood. We will add the mantra “Om” to the breath.  The pace of today’s lesson is slower and just following along will quickly get you feeling the stillness.

It’s a simple one and if you are thinking “I know this already, I don’t need to do this”, then I really urge you to try it. Even for experienced meditators, doing this little exercise can really challenging because it forces you to go back to the basics.

So, even if you are experienced with meditation, do this exercise with humility and let yourself feel it.

Ready? Let’s meditate.


On your own, give a try to do this meditation for just 2 minutes today. At what time did you meditate on your own yesterday? Do it at the place, around the same time.

And do it again for at least 2 minutes tomorrow, maybe just after you wake up. Try to get your homework done before you watch tomorrow’s lesson.

Oooooom and Love!