Welcome to day 5, the final day of the this meditation course. First of all, thank you so much for doing this course with me and learning meditation so you can establish your own personal daily practice.

Today, we learnt the Hridaya Mudra to add to the meditation from Day 4. Note: You can use either the Gyana Mudra from day 3 or the Hridaya Mudra from today, your choice. Go with the one that feels the best and you can always switch it up later. The Hridaya Mudra has the specific quality that it opens your spiritual heart. Hridaya means heart in Sanskrit. This is one of my favourite mudras in the world! You can also do this mudra even when you are not meditating, e.g. in a meeting, on your commute, whenever your hands are free to make this mudra.

We also did the guided “Sending Love” meditation. You can do this one on your own as well if you wish. Note how it makes you feel to send love outwards and to send it to all the people you love and also the ones you don’t love or even like. Write it down. Write down most of your a-ha moments that come during or after meditation. These are moments of intuition that don’t come often so grab them while they are fresh. It will be so valuable to reflect on them later.

CONGRATULATIONS! You now have your very own meditation practice that you can do everyday!

Use the meditation from Day 4 in your daily practice.

When you are ready to take the next step and learn more meditation techniques to use and deepen your practice, maybe we can do another deeper and in depth course together.

As you keep doing your meditation practice and as your own awareness deepens, you will have revelations, a-ha moments! Even cooler things will happen and you will fall in love with it and maybe we can meditate together one day!

Till then, happy Meditating!