You are here because you felt CALLED to be here. This kind of a Call isn’t heard, it’s felt. It’s the kind of call that comes from within and not from someone else outside of you.

You are here because you felt this call. You are here because you felt a whisper that said “Yes, this feels right, I’m going to go for it. This feels right for me, right now.” This is a whisper that is gently nudging you to get a little bit closer to a place from where you can hear your true Calling, louder and clearer.

The aim of The Lifester Calling Sessions is to help you hear YOUR Calling much louder than a whisper. These sessions will make all the noise quiet down so you can hear the Call clearer. These sessions will help you to communicate with the Universe so that you can see for yourself that is always nudging you towards your Calling, it is always supporting you to reach your highest potential. These sessions will ask you to commit to respond to the Calls you hear, because the alternative is just not acceptable – any longer.

These sessions will teach you how to meditate – on your own – without depending on anyone else and anything else because YOUR Calling must come from within YOU and without the influence of anyone or anything else.

These sessions will give you the opportunity to go out and practice what you learnt, to share the message from your Call with the world and slowly grow into the great woman you are Called to be.

The gated Lifester community is a sisterly and nurturing environment where you will announce to the world what you are Called to, where all of your Callings will be debuted. Here, each of you will put your Calling into the Universe so it can be set into motion and the Universe can start doing what it needs to do to make sure you are supported each step of the way. Here you will point out the signs and synchronicities that are too good to ignore, sign that you are on the right track. This sisterhood is where you find an outlet, a release. Where you will find a friend circle that gets you, a sisterhood of women who are on the same journey towards their Calling.

So I implore you to dive in, mark your calendar right now, participate in each session fully, feel your Calling and step into it confidently.