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Have you ever wondered whether soulmates really exist? When things go so well in a new relationship and you feel like you and your new partner are two halves of the same soul, it’s easy to think that you’ve found your soulmate. The question is, can Karmic relationships be soulmates?

Yes, Karmic relationships can be soulmates. In fact, Karmic soulmates are brought together to burn Karma and make the most spiritual advancement as individuals. Since soulmates have a high degree of compatibility, they agree with each other on most things, causing fewer fights and fewer hurt feelings. They create less bad Karma with each other and these relationships often last longer. Each person in a Karmic soulmate relationship keeps progressing on his or her spiritual path until the end of his or her life.

Karmic soulmate relationships don’t always end up in marriage though. Just because it’s a Karmic soulmate relationship, doesn’t mean that nothing can ever go wrong or that there will never be a breakup. Karmic soulmates can also hurt you and sometimes you’ll have to let go of a soulmate relationship. I talk about all of this below so keep reading.

What Is The Real Meaning Of Karmic Soulmate?

A Karmic soulmate is someone you have an existing Karmic history with and have a high degree of compatibility with. Both of these conditions have to be met for it to be a Karmic soulmate relationship. You have been together in a past life and feel comfortable being yourself in each other’s presence. You match each other’s sexual energy, whether it is high or low, and you have a lot of respect for each other. Most importantly, you match each other spiritually and are likely to be on the same spiritual path.

Other signs that you have found your Karmic soulmate are:

  1. You fall in love with each other very quickly
  2. You say “I love you” within days of getting together and you have no hesitation about it
  3. Your Karmic soulmate comes into your life at the right time in your life journey
  4. The relationship is often peaceful and enjoyable for long periods of time
  5. Karmic soulmate relationships can feel “too good to be true”
  6. Kamic soulmates often trigger each other and bring up personal Karmic issues that one has to deal with
  7. They provide more opportunities to work on oneself spiritually
  8. Karmic soulmates help us to learn important spiritual lessons that help us grow on the soul level

Personal Story Of How I Met My Karmic Soulmate

I’ll share my personal story about how my husband and I got together. Even though we were both brought up in modern non-traditional families, it was almost like an arranged marriage. We met on a group trip with mutual friends and stayed in touch casually. Two years later, when the time was right in both of our lives, we reconnected and decided to meet again.

This time around, since the timing was right, we hit it off immediately. Within three days we decided to get engaged. My parents weren’t even shocked or worried even though they had just met him because even they could tell that we were right for each other and were very well matched.

In less than a year since meeting the second time, we were married. It hasn’t been that long that we’re together, only 4 years in fact, but it’s incredible that it still works between us.

This is what I mean when I say that sometimes it feels “too good to be true.”

I don’t want you to think that my relationship and my life is all sunshine and rainbows, however. Getting married to my Karmic “soulmate” has initiated one of the most challenging phases of my entire life. Because of my marriage, I moved to a new country, paused my career to be a full-time mom, and made countless other big and small sacrifices. I went through two clinical depressive episodes, spent thousands in therapy, and had some of the biggest fights I’ve ever had with a partner.

Despite all of this, I know that this is a worthwhile relationship because of the amount of spiritual growth I’ve had since committing to this relationship. Precisely because of these challenges, all of my deepest darkest shadow came to the surface and I was forced to deal with it. I got the chance to find my power and take control of my mood, my future, and my life.

Yes, it’s true that my husband still triggers me often, but now I am more aware of what my triggers are. Even when he pushes my buttons, and even when I immediately react and snap back at him, I can calm down very quickly and come back to myself. When I am calm again, I can see exactly what inside me caused me to react that way.

It’s like my partner is a mirror that helps me see deep within myself.

Do Karmic Soulmates Have A Spiritual Connection?

By default, Karmic soulmates have a spiritual connection. The purpose of a Karmic soulmate relationship is to help each other progress and grow spiritually. Each person will often trigger the other and force all of their deeply hidden issues to come up to the surface. They force each other to look within themselves and clean up their internal baggage.

In a Karmic soulmate relationship, you tend to love and respect your partner more than in other types of relationships. So, it’s natural that you learn that towards yourself as well.

That’s the main purpose of a Karmic soulmate relationship – to help you see yourself more clearly and learn to love and respect yourself which is, in reality, a spiritual journey.

Do Both Soulmates Feel The Connection?

Yes, both soulmates in a Karmic relationship will feel the connection with equal intensity. When the timing is right, they will be undeniably attracted to each other, which can be sexual or not, and both will feel it in the same way.

Timing is everything here, and it is the Universe that’s in control of this timing. As I mentioned in my personal story above, I met my husband a full two years before I felt any conscious attraction towards him. I had to go on my own spiritual journey and recover from a breakup in those two years, and he had to go through his own relationship discovery journey at the same time.

Once we had made enough spiritual progress and had healed ourselves enough, we were spiritually ready for each other and more than ready to start the next phase in our lives as a married couple.

Do Karmic Soulmates Always Get Married?

Karmic soulmates may or may not get married. It depends on the spiritual and life lessons that the two souls need to learn. Since marriage is one of the most difficult undertakings that people can enter into in their lives, if it’s in the soul’s plan to get married and have that experience, then yes, they will likely get married.

If the two souls can learn the Karmic and spiritual lessons they need to without getting married, then they won’t get married.

Karmic soulmates have a lot in common and are highly compatible. That’s why they tend to respect each other more and create less Karma together. The purpose of Karmic soulmates is to be mirrors to each other and help each other see within themselves. There are more opportunities for this within a marriage since you spend more time together and face more life challenges together, not to mention raising kids together which brings up all sorts of triggers.

Can Karmic Soulmate Relationships Last?

Karmic soulmate relationships often last a very long time. Because Karmic soulmates are more compatible and have a high degree of respect for each other, they can peacefully resolve most conflicts and learn the lessons from each fight quickly. This makes them more likely to stick together long-term instead of parting ways quickly.

I personally know an elderly couple who are Karmic soulmates. They have been married for more than 40 years and have no kids together. After retirement they considered splitting up because they thought they don’t have the same love for each other as they did when they were younger.

They sought the advice of their spiritual teacher who said why break up at this age if they don’t intend on being with anyone else? He recommended they stay together and continue their own individual spiritual journeys while still being together as a married couple.

This is an example of Karmic soulmates who are together until the end of their lives, continuously helping each other progress on their spiritual paths.

Do Karmic Soulmates Breakup?

Yes, Karmic soulmates do breakup when the Karma between them is finished and they are no longer helping each other progress on their individual spiritual paths.

No matter how similar Karmic soulmates are and how compatible they are, when the Karma between them is finished, they will get an opportunity to part ways.

When To Know That It’s Over With Your Karmic Soulmate?

You will know that it’s over with your Karmic soulmate when it feels like you have drastically different goals for your life and spiritual destiny. These goals go beyond things like career goals, travel goals, entertainment goals, or having similar milestone goals as your friend circle.

When you have very different spiritual goals, that’s a big sign that it’s over with your Karmic soulmate. For example, when I had to end the Karmic relationship that I talk about in this post, my biggest sign was this mismatch in our spiritual goals. At the time, my goal was to progress spiritually as a couple and to have faith and God as a big part of my life. In contrast, his goal was more oriented towards his career, travel, friends, and having more new experiences in his life.

How To Let Go Of A Karmic Soulmate?

The easiest way to let go of a Karmic soulmate is to pay back your Karmic debt to him or her as quickly as possible. When the Karma between you two is finished, you are free to let go of each other and part ways.

I talk about this in detail in my post about How to end Karmic Relationships but I’ll summarize the important parts here.

You can let go of a Karmic soulmate by:

  1. Burning your Karma fast using the methods described in this post: How To Get Rid Of Bad Karma, Fast
  2. Burning your Karma through meditation. Tip: check out my meditation tracks here
  3. Using power phrases to end painful Karmic relationships like “Enough!” and “Stop now!”
  4. Declaring to your partner, “You are not allowed to treat me that way!”
  5. Living life fully on your own terms
  6. Not avoiding confrontation as they give you a chance to burn your Karma
  7. Again, burn Karma through meditation

Do Karmic Soulmates Come Back?

In my experience, once you’ve let go of each other, a Karmic soulmate is not likely to come back into your life in this lifetime. You got the opportunity to meet each other once and start a relationship. You helped each other burn old Karma and also progress on your individual spiritual paths. You have been mirrors to each other to help each other see deep within yourselves and work on your issues. And finally, you have parted ways because the Karma between you two is now finished.

There is no reason left for your Karmic soulmate to come back because the main purpose of this relationship is now fulfilled.

However, let’s say that you have both made a lot of spiritual progress since you split and now are in a position to help each other progress further on your spiritual path. In this case, there is a chance that your Karmic soulmate will come back into your life and you’ll be in a relationship once again.

Have You Met Your Karmic Soulmate Yet?

Now I’d like to hear from you. Have you met your Karmic soulmate? How did you know that they were the one? What were the signs that told you you found your Karmic soulmate? Did you feel the connection right away? How long did your relationship last? Did you ever think about breaking up with your Karmic soulmate?

I can’t wait to hear your experience and to read your story. So please comment below and share your story.

With love,



  • Beth says:

    I met my Karmic soulmate and needed to end things due to our different pathways in life. The last message I sent him was this, ‘You touched my soul so deeply, you opened the universe within me. No one has given me this gift before.’ I didn’t receive a reply back but I knew I said everything I needed to say to him.

  • Geraldine says:

    I have a question. Are Narcissists karmic ? Did we have past lives with them ? Are they part of our soul family that are here to teach us lessons?

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