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  • Meena says:

    Hi Ritu , I would like your thoughts on my current situation ? Is this a safe platform
    To pour it out ?pls advice

  • Michelle Miller says:

    I hope my ex boyfriend gets what he has coming to him for lieing to me and moving someone else in his house

  • Cindy says:

    I believe I am in a Karmic relationship – I got this phrase from a reading I had today. I feel so connected and in love with my partner and vide versa but the relationship has too many ups and downs and very tumultuous

    Everything is telling me to leave him but I just can’t. I’ve come close and at the last second he promises we will be better. Most signs say this toxic karmic relationship must end but is there any way to turn it from toxic to harmonious?

    • Ritu says:

      Hi Cindy, yes, I believe it is possible to turn it into a harmonious relationship. The first is to know your boundaries and make is CRYSTAL CLEAR to him. Tell him This is my boundary. You will not cross it. Period. This will instantly make him respect you and give you your power back. The second step is to love him enough that you hold him accountable for his misbehavior towards you.

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