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I just completely changed the template of my site from a fancy expensive theme from my favourite guilty pleasure website, Themeforest, to this free one that you see here now.

It felt like it was time to shed my old colours. It felt like it was time to let go of all the fancy flora and fauna of my previous website theme and reveal the bare branches underneath. If this site, this blog can still hold its own, then I will be happy.

Fall is funny season because it makes you stand with one foot in Summer and one foot in Winter. No wonder you are feeling pulled in two directions! I know I am.


The biggest transition that I’m going through is moving away from high production blogs to simpler ones where the words do the talking, instead of fancy website.

These three blogs specifically impacted my decision to strip down and go bare with my blog theme:

An honourable mention should also go to Alexandra Franzen because she was on the Simple train nearly a year ahead of me but it took me a while to stop being bitter about her downgrading because I missed her old site.

From these four incredible blogs above, you’ll see how simplicity rocks. OK, Gala’s site is very pretty, but her words do all the heavy lifting and honestly, I would read her blog even if it had no pictures in it at all.

Why I downgraded my blog template

The two months, as summer transitioned into Fall, it was like there was a fog around me and I felt blocked from my writing. My friends noticed this in their own work as well. The transition period was far from smooth for many of us.

Also, you know how sometimes getting new stationary just makes you want to write more, that’s the feeling I wanted with my blog. The template of the blog is my new stationary and seeing the words in a new layout finally makes me want to write more.

Now are you inspired to strip it down too? I double dare you!

What’s your favourite “simple” blog that you read and why? Share the link in the comments below!

falling leaves

Images: From Unsplash


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