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I’ve had a journal since I was 14. That’s like 16 years! Insane. And I still write because of the same reasons as I started it. It is therapeutic. Seriously.

Journaling doesn’t have to be a giant whining session or a bitch session. It’s not just emo stuff you write in it. You write your dreams, your desires and wishes in it. There are 3 reasons why you should start a journal and write in it regularly.

3 reasons why you should keep a diary

1. Diaries and journals have a magical manifestation power.

When you put it out of your head and into words and onto paper, it’s almost like you are giving them life. Then they will manifest themselves.

2. Diaries and journaling is therapy and it’s free!

If you have a bad day, write about it. If someone pissed you off, let it out on the paper. Don’t bottle it all in, let it out on paper and set yourself free from that baggage.

3. Journaling encourages you to write everyday.

Writing is one of the most precious gifts that humans have. We are the only species that can write. We can write poetry, stories! Think about it. Other animals can communicate, but can they write stories. No! We can. So use this gift. Create!!! You were born to create and you can start by creating words on the pages of your journal.

Now if you don’t have a diary already, start one. These notebooks make excellent diaries and I am obsessed with these pens but you don’t need anything fancy. Just grab some paper and a pen and get writing. What was your first entry about? Share it in the comments below. And please subscribe to my newsletter.

Happy journaling!




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