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Can you read a sign? I don’t mean like a traffic sign, but what I’m asking is Can you read the signs from the UNIVERSE?

I learnt to finally pay attention to the signs from the universe after reading the famous book by Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist.

In this video, I’m going to tell you exactly what these signs from the universe are and why you absolutely should learn to read these signs with a personal story. Luckily my story has a happy ending.


The point of this story is that when we Universe is sending you signs by creating roadblocks, PAY ATTENTION! I’m not saying you should give up on something you want just because of one hurdle, but it you try again and again and you still keep facing difficulties, accept that this is not meant to be and the reason is because there is something MUCH better coming your way.

Paying attention to and listening to the signs can save you from headache or heartache in the future or can even save you from getting into a dangerous situation.

Your Turn!

Now think of something that happened recently that was like a secret sign from the universe directly to you. Did something get in the way of your goal? Or maybe something magically lined up for you? [themecolor]That thing[/themecolor] was a sign that quietly guided you to the exact place where you needed to be, that lines up with your specific purpose for this life and your specific reason for being on this planet! Please share the story of your sign in the comments section below.

Take this Quiz!

This this quiz I created specially to find out how to tell if something is a sign from the Universe! Click here or on the image below!

Is it a sign from the universe

Read the signs, respect them and you will loose your way on the “life roads” a lot less. [themecolor]I promise.[/themecolor]


xo Ritu


  • Aditi says:

    Love this. Those signs were interesting yet simple. Most of us tend to think that we just have bad luck when things like that happen. So that is a good reminder to know that they are probably signs that are re-aligning you to where you really need to be!

  • Ivonne says:

    Hey Ritu – I just stumbled upon this old post and I had a similar experience in the past and am thankful that the Universe led me to something bigger and better in spite of my actions. I think it’s still hard to identify these signs as you go through life but at least we trust in the Universe more and more and learn to adjust knowing that we are where we are supposed to be, no matter what’s going on. I’ve found that when I let go of my expectations, things manifest that make me a happier and better person. But even knowing that I still struggle with letting go of expectations and remembering to listen to the universe and go with the flow but here’s to continually trying and listening!

    Thanks for sharing your stories – it’s not easy to put yourself out there but keep on doing what you’re doing!

    • Ritu Ashrafi says:

      Thank you so much Ivonne! It is incredible to see that you get it! When you let go, it is easier to let things happen that makes us ultimately happier. Love this stuff!

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