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My favourite time of the year to go on my traditional 10K run near my family home of Birmingham, UK is Winter. Last week on Saturday, I was on my home-tradition-run and listening to an audiobook by Gary Renard on some deeply metaphysical stuff like how we are all one, how this life is an illusion, as Buddha called it by the name of maya (Sanskrit/Hindi/Bengali for hypnotic illusion), how much of a twisted trickster the ego is and how spirit can so simply undo this whole maya and the fear wielding ego and return us to our state of oneness. Just as I was listening to this soul shaking stuff and running along, I found a big bunch of daffodils in full bloom stuck on the barbwire that protects the canal’s edge.

You can just imagine the wonder that I was instantly filled with. I took it as a sign from another part of “me” within the giant web of oneness that humanity is. The synchronicity of seeing those flowers, at that time and in that place was a bit freaky; I mean had ran that course at least 10 times in the past 2 years and never seen anything like it. Instead of being freaked out though, I was consumed by wonder and I was just SO HAPPY – it felt like the happiness and joy of being in love.

How does this experience of oneness tie in with life coaching and The Lifester? Well, because my spiritual practice teaches me oneness, I find it very easy to see parts of myself  in others who I coach and see parts of them within me. When was coaching a 24 year old girl who is so brilliant and made a ton of money in the finance sector but quit to search for what really makes her happy, I saw myself in her. I don’t just relate my experiences and draw similarities but I SEE the amazingly successful, joyful woman with so much clarity and zero confusion that lives within her who is going to come out one day soon. It is simply a matter of time. When I see this hidden bombshell within her, I don’t have to be anything but real when I coach her to grow into the awesome woman with the cool life experiences she was born to be.

Now my question for you. Have you experienced a synchronicity like this that felt freaky but really cool? What was it and how did it make you feel? Tell me in the comments below.

xo Ritu

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