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We all want to be loved, let’s be honest here. We want to be loved for who we are, for our work, for our accomplishments, for our personality.

But how do you get others to love you and your work enough so that you are successful?

I had that very question of myself. So I did as Yoda would do and I meditated on it. The answer that rose up was…

“Put all your love into everything you do and you will be successful.”

I talk about how to put more love into EVERYTHING you do in this video. I also speak about seeing Marianne Williamson give a live talk on spirituality in London. I had listened to two of her audiobooks in the past and was a fan of her writing but I wasn’t in love with her. After seeing her live, I fell in love with her. WHY? Because SHE is in love with her work, her words, her message, her audience and her mission. How can you not give love to someone who is in love herself?

You see, it is easy to give someone your love, affection and respect when you know that person will not be hoarding it. When you know that person will give away all her own love to her work as well as your love given to her, but multiplied ted fold, it is easy to give to her because you know it will come back to you bigger, better, refined.

My challenge for you

Think about how you can put a little more love into your own work. Ask yourself, “How would it feel if the recipient of this email can feel how much I love my work just by reading the words?” Will they not be more likely to respond to your email if they sensed that?

What can you do to make sure you infuse your love for what you do into your product so that when your audience or client sees it and uses it, they will feel this love even though you are not present to transmit it one-to-one? Think of one way you can do this and then try it.

Let me know what you need to put your love into and what you want the recipient to feel when they see it. Then tell me how you plan on doing it in the comments below.

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