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If you’ve ever wondered how to stop cheating on your boyfriend, then you’re not alone. And you’re not a bad person even if you have cheating tendencies. The real cause might be something much deeper than just wanting to cheat.

Maybe you’ve been in a relationship but then someone else came into your life and you started thinking about them a little more than you honestly should be, then be careful! You might have cheating tendencies! But don’t worry. There is hope.

So… cheating. It’s a touchy subject. People don’t want to admit that they are cheaters. But let’s be honest, we are human beings. We have these tendencies within us and they are natural, but that does not mean we have to fall into this trap that our human nature has predisposed us to. Just because we have an instinct, does NOT mean we have to indulge it.

The Three Types of Cheating

There are 3 types of cheating that I will talk about today. 1. Cheating on your partner. 2. Cheating on yourself. 3. Cheating on your spiritual path.

How To Stop Cheating On Your Partner

First let’s talk about cheating on your partner. I’ve been in the place of being cheated on and being the cheater, at least emotionally, and neither spot is a good place to be. It’s pretty awful. If you are in a relationship and you feel like you want to cheat, here’s the number one thing you need to do.



Start to create distance between the guy or girl you are feeling attracted to or falling in love with. Just stop hanging out! Stop texting. Stop Tweeting at him. Stop liking his posts on Facebook. Just stop sending these signals!

Now the chances are that he is feeling something towards you too so he’s going to keep sending those “Likes” your way, and those Tweets, and those texts.

It doesn’t matter.

Your only job at this stage is to create DISTANCE. It’s the ONLY thing that will save you from the disgrace you will feel from cheating.

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How To Stop Cheating On Yourself

The second type of cheating I want to talk about is cheating on yourself. Huh? How can you cheat on yourself?

Here’s what it looks like.

Do you prioritize others over yourself? Do you neglect your self-care and chase after others in your head? Do you spend hours thinking about work, other people, gossip, whatever instead of giving yourself what you really need?

What you really need might be that trip to the salon, or to the gym to your favourite fitness class or sitting your ass down on your meditation pillow and meditating. Giving your mind a break! And giving yourself some love.

Cheating on yourself is when you KNOW you need one thing but you purposely do something else.

How to stop cheating on yourself?

The answer is Love and dedication.

Dedicate that time when you take care of yourself to someone else. Dedicate it to someone you love so much that by being in a better place yourself, you are more able to serve that person.

So, out of love for that person, you lovingly take care of yourself as well.

Dedicate it to the one you love

For example, if you’ve been going crazy in your head thinking about work and bitchy girlfriends or grumpy people at work that you have neglected taking care of yourself. Your hair looks like a mess and your nails are chipped.

But let’s say you have a boyfriend who you love so much and being in a good place mentally and emotionally makes you a more pleasant partner and makes you stronger to take care him and your relationship. So out of your love for him and out of love for your relationship, you take yourself to the salon, you get your hair done and your nails done, you elevate your own mood and you are a bundle of joy when you hang out with your man instead of being a mess.

In short, to stop cheating on yourself, take care of yourself.

How To Stop Cheating On Your Spiritual Path

The third kind of cheating I want to talk about is on your spiritual path and on your Guru. If you find yourself that you are hopping around from one spiritual path to another, from one meditation style to another and from one spiritual teacher to another, then your cheating tendencies in your others areas of life, like in your romantic relationships and on yourself will affect your spiritual path as well.

If you are not used to 100% commitment, loyalty and faithfulness towards a relationship and towards yourself, then it’s natural that you will have the same tendency towards spirituality.

How to stop cheating on your spiritual path is actually inclusion and not exclusion. It is actually about staying openminded instead of closing yourself off to others.

But most importantly, it is trusting in your heart and trusting in your experiences.

Trust & leap of faith

If you have ever felt something, if you have been moved into changing through an experience, then trust that. Trust that what you felt is real. And when you find something that feels so real, hang onto it! Be loyal! Be faithful. Be kind.

Practice distance from the next shiny object that comes your way and tries to distract you. Take care of yourself so that you are better capable of serving on your spiritual path.

Cheating Is Normal, But…

Cheating is one of those things that are a part of our human nature. But I know you are a good person, you have a good heart and underneath everything, you are so pure. And you can stop cheating. I believe in you.

Lots of love,


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