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Have you ever made a mistake that was so embarrassing that it makes you cringe just thinking about it? I did, and I am telling the story in this video.

Yes, it’s a funny little story about a silly mistake which had me going in a downward spiral and nearly stop going to meditation class which I love, but there is a key point I don’t stress enough in the video. That point is [themecolor]FORGIVENESS[/themecolor].

What you need to take away from this video above anything else is FORGIVENESS towards YOURSELF.

The moment you forgive yourself, you let go of the mistake. The instant you forgive yourself, you let yourself off the hook. The second you forgive , you stop holding a grudge against yourself.

“Who would hold a grudge against themselves? That sounds impossible!” Is that what you are thinking? Well, you do hold grudges and as result often punish yourself for an innocent mistake. For example, let’s say you accidentally told your best friend that her dress looks tacky and instead of forgiving yourself you held a grudge. Then that comment was on your mind and you kept trying to make up by over-complementing her and thereby putting your foot in your mouth repeatedly.

Now You Think…

…of a mistake that you have held on to. Take a BIG deeeeeep breath. Say “I forgive that innocent girl who made that mistake” and as you exhale feel the mistake dissolve into innocence.

Do you have a technique to get over mistakes? What is a silly little mistake you would love to get over right now? Tell me in the comments below.

Also, as a side note, I am holding my first Live event in London! All Londoners are invited. Check out the details here.

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  • Noelle says:

    I’ve had plenty of embarrassing moments! Even after a few days after, I’ll keep replaying the moment and get embarrassed all over again. It’s so uncomfortable. I’m Innocent, I’ll Get Over it & I’LL MOVE ON! Thanks Ritu with lots of Love!

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