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I’m going to be in a photoshoot! A real legitimate studio one too. With proper lighting, a great camera, a super photographer and even a dressing room with  a mirror that had those stage lights around it.  My excitement is barely containable on this page.

Heres the story.
To get photos and video footage for the Lifester I need professional photos that are very high quality. So I called up my friend Suki who owns a gorgeous studio in west London, asked our multi-talented marketing manager to put on her photographer hat and went to town planning and styling the shoot.

This part came easy. I’ve had a fashion blog for over 4 years so dressing up and posing for the camera is not outside of my comfort zone. Planning the hair and makeup to match the outfits, that’s easy too. Here’s a photo of the fun I’ve been having while making lists upon lists of possibilities.

Planning a photoshoot for your website

The hardest thing, surprisingly was to whittle down to a possible few select shots and outfits from the thousands of combinations that were popping into my mind. Another challenge was to ensure that I was staying true to my personality because when the photos would be used to make a connection with my audience, the last thing I want them to see is a wannabe fashion blogger instead of the chilled out, happy, confident and assertive personal coach and business builder that I am.

The shoot is scheduled for next week and I am nervous and excited. Do you have any tips to help prepare for it?

Keep a look out for the photos that will be spread out through the blogs on this site, our Facebook page and Instagram. While you are on the Facebook page, hit the LIKE button please!

Here’s a photo of the beautiful Kii Studios where I had the pleasure and honour of shooting my friend Naomi on a personal photo project that she did last year.

Photoshoot - Kii StudiosSign up for the mailing list below too please! Thank you!

xo Ritu

P.S. Check out the free downloadable step by step photoshoot prep guide from Caroline White on her site: Sign up to her list to get the guide. It is AMAZING and helpful, I guarantee it.

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