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When you love a brand so much that you are willing to wear it on your chest, it says something. Well, I do love my friend Jenny’s brand Healthy Crush enough that I am proud to wear it.

You see this trend in the tech scene a lot and of course, there all the fashiony stuff, but it’s not too often that my favourite websites and publications come out with their logo tees.


When I got the email from Jenny that she was offering a tank with the Healthy Crush logo, I was all over it. I wanted to support her of course and I also wanted to be a part of the Healthy Crush Crew. HCC sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? You saw it here first!

The Healthy Crush apparel is all sold out but my friend and motivational spreaker Sammy Davis is offering a line of inspirational apparel on Teespring. I’ve got mine ordered and there is still time left to get one for yourself too. Head to Teespring right away if you want it. There is literally a few hours left to get it.

sammy davis apparel

Don’t forget to order your Affirmation Tee today! Head to now to get it and then tweet me @rituashrafi and Sammy @sammydavistv a selfie with the shirt. If you have a Healthy Crush shirt, tweet @jennysansouci to let her know you are in the HCC!

Love you!


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