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I love this quote by Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love.

“There is still a part of me that thinks that I’m a “fraud” – and that I’m not good enough to be doing what I’m doing. Why?

Well, because I don’t have a degree or certification. Because I’m not smart enough. Because I’m not experienced enough. Because I’m not enough – period.” – Mastin Kipp

We HAVE to keep reminding ourselves that we are enough and accept ourselves in full entirety. Otherwise there will ALWAYS be either guilt, self-sabotage, overeating, addiction, you name it.

As Mastin says, observe your false “am I a fraud?” thoughts and let them pass. Then get back to loving yourself unconditionally!


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  • Jessica says:

    How we feel about and treat ourselves has a massive ripple effect across our entire lives…so I 100% agree with this! Thank you – this was much-needed today =)

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