Have you ever been through a breakup and are you worried that you will get bad karma for breaking someone’s heart? No matter how you feel about your breakup and the relationship you had before it broke up, let me tell you something. Your relationships create Karma. All relationships create Karma. There is a very good chance that you are with the person you are with now (or were with last) because of some Karma that you had to work out with him.

I can only speak from experience so here’s my story.

So, I once dated a guy. He was a really good guy and I loved him a lot. It was the kind of love that cracked my heart open and it was the first time that my love for another human being brought me to tears. But then, I grew older and wanted new experiences and wanted to hang out with new people so I broke that good guy’s heart and we parted ways.

a girl trying to leave her boyfriend but he's not letting her go - karma for breaking someone's heart

Thanks to Karma, 10 years later he is back in my life but it’s not really him. This time, I AM him. And someone else is doing to me all the things that I did to him long ago.


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That’s how Karma works. It gives you a chance to square up for everything you have done to others by enduring the same treatment yourself.

Karma in Kali Age

According to the Vedic scriptures and the yoga tradition, we are in Kali Yuga at the moment. Yuga means age, and Kali is the age that is charactarized by time being sped up, human lives being shorter and a lot more things happening in a lot less time. I think this applies to our Karma as well. Instead of doing someone wrong and not having to pay for it till your next life or next incarnation, in this age, you pay in one lifetime for most things.

In the case of the really nice guy who I hurt 10 years ago, I had the chance to experience what I put him through by being put in his shoes. And the thing is, I have been in the “heartbreaker’s” shoes as well, and I can’t even be angry at that person. I know that there is no other way.

There was no other way for me to have behaved back then and that’s why when it happened to me, I had to sit back and observe the identical situation from the flip side.

a sad couple who don't look happy with each other - karma for breaking someone's heart

When you finally stop dating the same guy over and over again, you end up dating yourself

A former version of you turns up in your life for you to learn a lesson from. I suppose it’s kind of like when you become a parent and finally realize how much of a brat you were to your mom and dad. Karma in relationships allows that to happen a little sooner.

A former version of you comes along and breaks your heart in the exact same way that you broke someone else’s. You get to experience being the offender and the offended. You come full circle.

A couple breaking up and looking away from each other - karma for breaking someone's heart

How to deal with Karma For Breaking Someone’s Heart

I wrote a whole post about this but in short, my advice here is not to freak out. You may feel like a mean, old version of you has turned up to hurt and get even with the current version you. I don’t believe it’s about Karma getting even with you. I believe that it is simply a way for you to find empathy for the one you hurt before. It is simply to feel love for them, feel their pain and most importantly, to love yourself anyway despite what you have done in the past.

Love yourself anyway.

Your actions in the past were inevitable. Those actions were destined. Just be at peace with what you did in the past no matter how many hearts you broke. You have probably experienced, first hand, what it felt like to those people when their hearts were broken. If you haven’t, you probably will soon.

Just accept it.

Just love, yourself, anyway.

If you don’t know how, start with treating yourself to a manicure. And meditation always helps when you want a more lasting kind of self-love.

With my love and acceptance,


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Image source: Another Odd Place for a Hill and Unsplash

Author: Ritu

Ritu is an Atma Kriya Yoga and meditation teacher. A long time blogger and writer, she writes about personal development, spirituality, and meditation.

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9 thoughts on “Karma in Romantic Relationships

  1. Very Good artical.
    Most people maybe read this artical and gone away or some may do not believe in Karma. Trust me Karma is real,Whatever we did it created energy,Sooner or later it will come back on us, there is no escape. It also happened with me. I know we human have a nature we do not believe in something until we experiences practically. But Law of God (Karma) is real, Whatever we do to other we also have to tack it.. Does not matter how much he/she loves you and no matter how big promises, If it is meant to give you some lesson then you do not have escape.
    There is no way to escape from the effects of actions without experiencing their results. Just like an arrow already shot cannot be taken back, prarabhda karma that has already set out in motion can not be escaped from. It will in either way catch you sooner or later.

    Posted on September 29, 2015 at 7:30 am
    1. I totally agree. Karma is another form of energy and energy moves in a continuous cycle. Every action has a reaction.

      However, the experience of that reaction doesn’t need to be painful all the time. Of course, pain will be there, but the sooner we accept it, the easier it will become. The sooner we accept it, the sooner we can smile.

      Even pain can be sweet sometimes.

      Posted on March 24, 2016 at 4:35 pm
  2. Namaste Ritu, I had broken someone heart 12 years back and got punished 7 times after that by being dumped. Since I was good to this guy for good 6 years I accepted the insults and believed that I will be rewarded for my love n good deeds as well the way I am punished for hurting him. However, again now same thing happened and I got dumped and insulted by the one I love…so can we get punished multiple times for same mistake..another question is that my believe in good deeds and all good that I did to all these people is in question n so is my faith in God. Please help.! I have never judged them or cheated was always helpful caring and motivating even if their background specially of the first one and this last one were not a
    strong. My faith in being good is shaken how do I restore it.

    Posted on March 24, 2016 at 2:54 pm
    1. Another question….now since this guy has done wrong to me….more than what I did to the first one.. also the fist one wanted to get physical and was forcing me and I said no…..he has this intentions even now…will this guy be facing his karma… he prays God…and unfortunately this is what troubles me. Will this last guy face his karma….will the first guy face his karma for bad intentions. And why am I being punished….and not them for wrong intention and using people in life?

      Posted on March 24, 2016 at 3:00 pm
      1. Hi Geetanjali, I’m sorry to hear that it keeps happening to you over and over and you are being faced with the same heartache over and over. In terms of the first guy facing his karma or not, who knows. And also about the last guy. Their karma is not your responsibility. The only thing that you have control over is your own karma. Let God deal with them. Your only job is to be loving and kind to yourself and to treat yourself with utmost respect and gentleness.
        Could it be that you haven’t forgiven yourself for hurting someone 12 years ago? Could it be that you are still hanging onto your action from the past and therefore, punishing yourself over and over again by going for the wrong guys?
        There’s only one thing I can suggest here, and that is to let yourself off the hook. You did what you did and that’s OK. It is in the past. You can’t change it anymore. You can, however, accept yourself even though you made an innocent mistake in the past. That’s all it was. It was an innocent mistake. Forgive yourself, accept yourself and your innocent mistake and love yourself now and also love your old self.
        It is also super important to protect yourself. Don’t let yourself be punished by anyone else. Protect yourself from people who have bad intentions. You are pure, and people are attracted to purity. It’s up to you to protect that purity. Be strong about it and be firm about it. If people misunderstand, so what? You are simply doing your job, which is to protect yourself.
        I hope this helps. Sending you lots of love, sister. Don’t lose faith. It’s the strongest armour in the entire Universe.
        -Love, Ritu

        Posted on March 24, 2016 at 4:30 pm
        1. Thank you So much for your reply Ritu 🙂
          Will for sure keep the faith. You are right I think I have not forgiven for my mistake as I believe in good karma. But now I do forgive myself.
          Ironically I have been a mentor to many of my trainees and helped them come out of negative thinking and motivated them but some how could not help myself.
          Thank you and
          Lots of love and blessings for you!

          Posted on March 25, 2016 at 2:02 pm
          1. Hi Ritu,

            Wanted to share this with you. I had let him go and decided to move on doing what I wanted. But in the month of August he contacted back and proposed me for marriage and said he will make up for last 2 years. Families met and agreed and he was to come in October for engagement but could not then in December . Now a week before coming we ended up in a fight because of his taunts n continuous no for marriage. He again backed out and we parted again. The major issue he has to get his sister married and buy a home n felt it’s waste to spend money on me and I am bad in every aspect. Everyone knows he came back he piste on fb n all our friends knew about it n his relatives too.

            Dnt knw what next.

            Posted on January 18, 2017 at 6:45 am
          2. Hey Geet,
            I’m so sorry to hear that. The worst part for me was that the whole thing was made so public because he posted stuff on Facebook. There are two things I can suggest:
            1) Take a stand and be firm about your position in this. You did you best and if he is still blaming you without taking responsibility himself, then take a stand and make it clear that you won’t allow anyone to walk all over you.
            2) Practice humility. This is not contradicting 1) because there is immense strength in humility. Humbly accept him and what happened and pray for Grace get through this. Pray that you get through this gracefully and come out the other end with dignity.
            Keep me posted, love! Let me know how it goes.

            Posted on January 18, 2017 at 9:24 am
  3. Hi Ritu

    He broke this relation and left. With all kinds of reasons and allegations. Frankly he is far more good to his ex who left him within a month of breakup and started dating someone else n got married to him. And now she is seeking divorce and has a kid. He is in talking terms with her but me I am bad who was with him when he had no money, no career success, nothing. I never judged him or compared him to anyone be it looks, career, family background etc. For me it was him that is it loving a person for being him. I was happy to get another family… two sis two moms two dads…. for me the feeling was woooow…. he and we all together …. my world.. My question is where is God??? I did my best and gave my best ..forgave him also. And this is what I get! Forget him..where is God! And the so called do good to others n good happens to u!

    Posted on January 21, 2017 at 2:10 am