Will Karma Get My Ex For Hurting Me?

If you’ve ever been dumped before then this question must have crossed your mind: “Will Karma get my ex for hurting me?” I have asked this countless times after getting dumped in High School and then again in my early twenties.

Now that I’m in my mid-thirties, I can tell you this from first-hand experience: Yes! Karma will most definitely get your ex back for what he or she did to you. How do I know this? Because I’ve LIVED through it – both as a dumpee and as a dumper.

Karma will make sure that your ex understands just how badly they hurt you because they will be hurt in the exact same way. If they left you for someone else, their next partner will leave them for someone else. If they cheated on you, they will get cheated on. That’s simply how Karma works.

Every book on Karma will tell you this: every single action someone takes, creates Karma. Good actions create good Karma (or Punya) and bad actions create bad Karma.

But wait! I’m not just regurgitating book knowledge. I’m telling you that this is 100% true because it is what I’ve experienced first hand on many separate occasions in my life. I share my personal stories below so read on.

Will Karma Get Him For Breaking My Heart?

When your ex dumped you and hurt you, he or she created a lot of Karma that they will have to pay for. Their Karma and their action will come back around and hurt them in the exact same way they hurt you when they dumped you.

So, YES. Karma will get your ex for breaking your heart.

Karma will get your ex so hard that they won’t know what hit them. But eventually, when they’ve suffered enough in the hands of someone else, something will click in their brain. They will finally realize they are getting back all the pain and suffering that they gave to you so long ago.

I’ll share a true story from my life about how Karma got my ex back at the end of this post, so keep reading.

Will My Ex Feel Bad For Hurting Me?

You can bet that your ex will feel bad for hurting you.

And if he or she doesn’t? Don’t worry. Karma will make sure they keep suffering until they realize what they did to you and feel sorry about it.

The thing is though that Karma works on a different timeline than what we are used to. It can take years, decades, or even lifetimes for someone to learn their lesson.

If someone doesn’t learn their lesson or pay for the bad Karma they created in this life, then they will learn it in their next life. They will never be free until they’ve learned their lesson.

Not only is it necessary that your ex feel bad for hurting you, but they must also truly feel sorry about it. Otherwise, they will never heal.

Even though Karma has its own timing and I said that it can take lifetimes until your ex will learn their lesson, it can also happen incredibly fast.

According to Yoga and Hindu philosophy, we are in the Kali Yuga (Kali Age) right now and in this time period, time is sped up. Karma in Kali Age and specifically how Karma works in romantic relationships in much faster.

Here’s the good news. Because it is Kali Age, when your ex breaks your heart, they will have to pay for this Karma in this lifetime. Even if they are 90 years old when they learn their lesson, Kali Yug will make sure they learn it.

How Do I Get Revenge On My Ex?

It’s completely natural that after you’ve been hurt, you want to hurt your ex back. Sometimes it’s not enough to leave it in Karma’s hands. Sometimes you might want to take it into your own hands and get revenge on your ex.

But here’s why shouldn’t. Not only are you lowering yourself to the level of your horrible ex, but you are also interfering with Karma. Be patient and let Karma do its thing.

If you try to take things into your own hands and get revenge on your ex, you’ll be creating so much bad Karma for yourself that you’ll be paying for it for lifetimes.

How Do You Respond To An Ex Who Broke Your Heart?

There’s nothing that can throw you off your balance than when your ex contacts you.

When your ex who broke your heart messages you out of the blue and wants to be in touch again, just wait. How you respond should be different based on what they say.

If they messaged you to say sorry, pause before you write back. Close your eyes and meditate for a minute. What do you feel in your gut? Is this real or just an excuse to weasel back into your life and vampire on your emotions?

Here’s a short video with a simple meditation that might help you to figure out how to respond to your ex when they contact you out of the blue.

Let your intuition tell you what their true intention is. If you feel that they are truly sorry, then write back and say, “Thanks for writing to me and for saying sorry. I appreciate it. Stay well.”

Keep it short and end the conversation.

Can Ex-Lovers Be Friends?

Can you be friends with your ex? Let me put it in one word.


Absolutely not.

Just don’t do it.

It will never be non-sexual or non-emotional with an ex. You have a history together and you will never be able to pretend that nothing happened between you two. You know things about each other that no one else does. It’s simply too intimate to be just friends.

Even when couples have a mutual breakup, it is never neutral afterwards. One person always desires the other a little more. One person is always sadder about the breakup than the other person. The scales are never ever even again.

This is especially true when one person hurt the other one.

You can try to make it work as friends but don’t be surprised when things get complicated or awkward. You might be setting yourself up for more heartache in the future if you choose to be friends with an ex who hurt you.

People don’t change. If your ex hurt you before, there is a 99% chance that they will hurt you again.

If your ex wants to be friends, just tell them that you have moved on and even though you appreciate the offer, it’s just not going to work for you and you don’t want to be friends.

How Karma Got My Ex Back (True Story)

In my early twenties, I was in a relationship with a guy who was about 10 years older than me. It’s not a huge age gap when someone who is 33 is dating someone who is 43. When a 23-year-old is dating a 33-year old, however, it’s a whole different level.

The older guy was obviously much more established in his career than me. In fact, I had just started working in my first real job. He was so successful at his job and quite rich, or at least that’s the impression he was trying to give everyone with his BMW convertible and fancy loft apartment.

But he didn’t impress me with his money. He knew the secret trick to get a young, slightly insecure girl to like him – just by being nice to her.

He was so nice to me and he was kind. He’d check in on how I was doing with multiple chat messages a day. He’d offer to grab me lunch 2-3 times a week, even if it was a simple sandwich from the corner store.

He made me feel that he was concerned for me and I fell for him.

I’m sure I gave away quite obviously that I liked him and he simply loved being admired.

One day we were out on the beach with a group of friends and obviously because I was in my bathing suit, he finally took notice of me. I hate to say it so crassly, but it’s true. That day, he finally made a move and kissed me.

I was so happy, you can’t imagine it. I was like a little girl who finally got her prince charming. But I was a little bit shocked and sad because he had kissed me when no one else was around and as we made plans to meet later on, it was obvious that he didn’t want anyone to know that we were going to see each other.

Even though I realized that we would have to date in secret, I accepted it because it still felt too good to be true. How could such a gorgeous, successful and older guy like someone as simple, young, and naive as me?

But little did I know, that’s exactly why he wanted me. Because I was so naive.

We dated for 2-3 months until my intuition started dropping clues to me that something was off with this guy.

I had a dream that he was with another mutual friend who also happened to be a lot younger than him. Almost a year later I found out that he had indeed been seeing her at the same time as he was seeing me.

Your intuition is a powerful thing so keep flexing that muscle with meditation.

Once I started getting the feeling that something was off, he must have sensed it because he started distancing himself and eventually broke it off with me.

Here’s how Karma got him back.

In a weird trick of time, it actually happened partially before he was ever with me.

I found out that his ex had left him in a really messy way and there was a child involved.

He also got what he deserved because his best female friend also dumped him later. If you’ve ever had to break up with a friend, you know how painful it is.

It’s been almost 15 years since this happened and as far as I know, he’s still single. I’m not sure because I don’t keep in touch with him anymore. It’s better that way.

I’m sure he’s been cheated on in the meantime and been forced to be in a secret relationship. Everything that he did to me has been done to him – by Karma.

How About You?

So what brought you here to be reading this right now? Were you hurt by an ex and you’re hoping against hope that they will feel a fraction of the pain that they put you through?

Are you thinking about how you could get revenge on your ex? Has your ex contacted you lately? Do you think they feel bad about hurting you? Do they want your forgiveness? Do they want to be friends again?

And what do you want? Would you take them back as a friend? Or even as a lover? Can you forgive them for hurting you?

I’d love to know, so tell me your story in the comments.

You can help another reader by sharing your advice and your questions, so I hope you’ll share.

If you know someone who has been hurt in a relationship, please share this post with them. You could be helping ease someone deep pain.


Ritu is an Atma Kriya Yoga and meditation teacher. A long time blogger and writer, she writes about personal development, spirituality, and meditation.

8 thoughts on “Will Karma Get My Ex For Hurting Me?

  1. Hi am richa, I want to share my personal and bad experiences although need suggestions to come out from these situations,when I was at the age of 17. I was sexually abused by my relatives they both husband and wife tortured me mentally and it was the worst condition of my life .Also this is the secret no one knows and after that I fell in love after 4 years he ditched me left me alone and he married with another girl she died after 1 year again he married again, when I need someone there was no one to heal me it took me 2 years to overcome but unable to forget him totally. I was struggling both in professional as well as personal life I was very alone so that I was searching for a soulmate or gud frnd again I found mean people who hurts me they made emotionally fool they used me after that they left me alone in my hard day’s again I got into depression and this happened several times with me . A few months ago a neighbour he wanted to come close to me I think due to lockdown period he wanted to time pass with me.
    Initially I ignored to talking to him but he showed so much care and how kind hearted he is and try to attracted towards him he also has a relationship but he said it didn’t work I thought it was not going good finally he made promises that he will maintain true frndship with me and never left me alone. Finally we came close to each other, we had sex also but after sometime I realised that he ignored me and showed bzy and when I argue about on this topic he insulted me atlast he told me that whatever he told me about his relationship that was not true his relationship is going well so I realised he made me emotionally fool he wanted to use me and time pass with me he suddenly cut down me from his life and and behaved like a stranger I again ditched in frndship also it is not frndship it’s something else. In the last I want to ask everyone hurt me,insulted me, broke my heart again and again and I have seen all that person enjoyed thier life even they didn’t think what they did to me.why I m suffering from these situations and I never hurt people and ditched someone so why me ? when will they pay for their karma and when my lonliness will over I m broken my trust is broken I hope u will reply as soon as possible I am waiting plz help me…

    1. Dear Richa. First of all, thank you for sharing your story so openly and honestly. You made yourself vulnerable here and that is a huge step in your healing. The people who have hurt you will pay for their karma, this is guaranteed. When this will happen, this is the tricky part. Karma has its own schedule and Karma has infinite patience, so it can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of years to a couple of decades until They will learn their lesson. Instead of focussing on watching the other people get hurt back because they hurt you, What will help you more is focussing on your healing, and make yourself number one. You are your biggest priority, and all the other people from your past who have hurt you can go to hell. What can you learn from your past experiences? What type of guys are you attracted to who ended up hurting you? Is there a pattern here? If you find a pattern then just avoid this type of people in your future.
      And most of all, forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for falling for someone who broke your heart. Forgive yourself for getting involved with your neighbour who ended up just using you. You had no way of knowing that he would do this, so you were innocent. Forgive yourself for making this mistake and acknowledge your innocence. Karma will take care of those guys, you can trust in that. Whether you get to witness it or not this I can’t say but it will happen for sure. It is also possible that you had Karma with these people from past lives that you needed to finish. Now that you have come together and split apart again, maybe the karma is finished and you won’t have to go through this With these souls ever again. Stay strong, believe in yourself, and believe in your innocence.

  2. But one question comes in my mind being ditched again and again I loose my trust and faith on males. I am totally alone in my life. There is no one with whom I can share my feelings and emotions and am fed up with my lonliness. Will I get my soulmate will I trust anyone in my life?? I was totally alone in my life that’s the reason I trust people again and again they ditched me and left me alone it’s is impossible for me to trust again on a guy now I am at the age of 32 when I was at the age of 17, I m spending my life like a hell could you please tell me will my singleness and lonliness end forever or not,I fell in love again with a right guy or not??

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