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Last week, I posted this on my Facebook (inspired by a book by Babaji):

“One thing I’ve learnt about creating happiness and a life we love & deserve – choose friends who are a part of the solution to your problems and not a part of the problem.” – Ritu on The Lifester Facebook Page

A friend of mine asked me, “So if you KNOW that you have a friend who is harming more than helping, what can you do about it? How can you let go of the friendship?” To me, this sounds like a break-up with that friend is needed and in the video, I talk about how to actually break off a toxic friendship.

If you are asking yourself “Why should I purposely let go of a friendship, I mean aren’t real friends to hard to come by anyway?” Then you have to pay attention to the last three things I say in the video which gives the deeper reasons why you absolutely should let go of that harmful friendship. In the beginning of the video, I talk about how to exit this “bad romance” friendship gracefully.

Things are different in our 20s vs our childhood and teen years. In our twenties friends are harder to make but easier to choose them. We aren’t stuck having to be friends with whoever sits next to us in our Algebra class or in our Psych lecture or who lives on our floor in our first year university residence. We have to go “out there” and join groups and do activities where we meet people who we may choose to become friends with. It’s harder but the powerful thing is that we get to pick our new friends. So let us pick wisely and tend our friend circle with care – any thorny friend is going to get weeded.

You deserve to receive just as much as you give. You deserve just as much love and respect from others as you give to yourself. If anyone is making you feel otherwise, it’s time to let them go.

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