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Google ReaderToday is the last day that Google Reader will exist. I am a little disappointed as ‘sad’ is a heavy word to use, because I love Google Reader. I love how simple it is, how basic it is and even how unaesthetic but pleasing it is. It’s been my way to show love and appreciation of amazing web content creators with a click on their subscribe button.

Do you use a subscription service for RSS feeds? My RSS reader of choice as an alternative to Google Reader is Feedly. Please add the Lifester Blog to your RSS feed reader by clicking here.

RSS Readers are such a great way to bookmark sites and blogs you love because of three reasons:

  1. Acknowledge your multiple and varying interests and see how it all ties together. Everyone has varying interests and although you may be urged to pick a niche and establish yourself as an expert in that field, I believe that having varying interests adds to our “identity capital” (via Meg Jay). Look at my own Google Reader feed list on the left. It’s got completely random categories which I created from beauty to interior design and photography to writing. Here’s the thing. My interest in every-single-category on this list has contributed to the quality, style and personality of The Lifester and what your user experience of this site is.

  2. Improve your memory. You can consider your feed reader as an extension of your brain and memory. You can’t possibly remember everything you read on the World Wide Web but in case you ever wanted to, your reader is your external hard drive for your brain.
  3. Show appreciation for amazing content creators. There is nothing better than saying Thank You. Well, actually saying I Love You is better and by clicking the “Subscribe” button and by clicking on the “Sign Me Up” buttons (like the one below!) on sites and blogs is the best way to say Thank You and sort of say I love you. Some has put in their time and love into creating beautiful content so say Thanks with a click!

Don’t forget to subscribe to The Lifester blog by clicking here and sign up for the newsletter below as well. Thank you!

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