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When I was thinking about all the relationships I’ve had in the past, I wondered whether the particularly crazy, intense ones happened because of Karmic attraction. So I did some research and looked back and examined five of my craziest relationships to find out the answer.

So, what is Karmic attraction? Karmic attraction is when you are uncontrollably physically and/or emotionally attracted to someone without any apparent reason. The real reason is your Karmic history with each other which is still hidden from you.

You were probably lovers in a past life or desired each other in a past life. Now you have Karma to finish with each other and that’s why the Universe is bringing you together again with Karmic attraction.

What is Karmic Attraction?

Some call it love at first sight and some call it that spark that often leads to a one night stand but often turns into a relationship.

Karmic attraction is extremely hard to ignore and your will power is pretty much useless when you try to suppress your karmic attraction towards someone. If you try to ignore it, then the person you feel this attraction towards starts popping up in your dreams, on your social feeds, and you start mistaking strangers for them on the street.

It’s like an invasion of your brain!

How to tell if you are Karmically attracted to someone?

Let’s get serious for a second though. There are some obvious signs that the attraction you are feeling towards someone is Karmic.

The number one sign that it is Karmic attraction is that the attraction is instant.

For instance, you spot each other across the dance floor and you can’t take your eyes off each other. You find yourself moving towards each other shyly and standing really close but not yet talking. But it feels good to stand near each other in silence even though you are still strangers.

Or you are walking down the aisle at your church or temple trying to find a good seat and suddenly someone looks up at you and your make eye-contact.

It’s like an electric shock just ran through your entire body and you are tingling all over (I mean like all over) and you are completely flustered. This is the last person you’d think would give you such a feeling and worst of all, in church or in temple!? Oh my.

Karmic Attraction intensifies over time

The second sign that this is Karmic attraction is that the attraction intensifies more and more with time.

Let’s say that the person you’re attracted to is a coworker or your boss. You know you shouldn’t go there but you just can’t help it.

You think about that person constantly, peep over your computer screen to sneak a peek at him or her, and find yourself timing when you take your coffee break in case you spot him or her in the kitchen.

Even though you don’t act on it, you start smiling at that person more and more, laughing at almost everything they say, and going out of the way to be nice to them.

The third sign of Karmic attraction is purer in a sense. It is when the other person feels they could be a part of your family.

If the person you are feeling a sudden attraction to feels so familiar that you can be super comfortable in the presence of each other then this is a Karmic connection.

You can truly be yourself. You don’t have to pretend or try to act cool. You can be vulnerable with each other and let your guard down.

You might even find yourself saying “I love you” to this person without realizing that you’re saying it because the feeling is coming from deep within your heart.

How to tell if someone is Karmically attracted to you?

Now that you know you are Karmically attracted to someone, you want to be sure that he or she feels the same way about you.

The most obvious sign to tell if someone is feeling Karmic attraction towards you is that the instant attraction I mentioned above is mutual.

The second sign is that it feels very familiar to be with each other and the other person obviously feels the same way.

The third sign shows itself with time when the attraction intensifies as time goes on even when both of you try to suppress it.

This shows that there is something bigger in play here than just the two of you, which is your Karmic history with each other.

Even if you try to resist, the Karmic attraction will make sure you enter some kind of relationship with each other so you can finish your Karma with each other.

This could be as short as a one-night stand, a friends-with-benefits situation, a 5-year long relationship, a marriage or an affair.

A personal story about Karmic attraction

I’ll share a personal story of how I entered into a fun but ultimately painful relationship because of Karmic attraction.

I met this guy, let’s call him Nick, in my last year of University. At the time, he had a huge crush on my best friend so even though I thought he was interesting, I didn’t think of him in that way at all. A few months later, I ended up dating his best friend and we all started hanging out together in one big friend circle.

After University, we saw each other now and again because of our shared social circles. My best friend was dating someone new and I was still in a relationship with Nick’s friend.

It became obvious though that Nick was attracted to me and to my surprise, I was attracted to him too. This was difficult for me since I was still in a relationship at the time.

We kept our distance physically but often found ourselves deep in conversation which made everyone around us feel quite uncomfortable. We all made a bigger effort that we wouldn’t all hang out together again.

A few years later, I bumped into Nick again near my workplace. I was now single and so was he. Our unexplainable attraction brought us together this time. The situation was still delicate since I had dated his best friend and he had wanted to date mine in the past, but we started seeing each other.

We couldn’t help ourselves and ended up dating in secret for a few months. It wasn’t a real boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, and I’m pretty sure that he was seeing other girls at the same time, we had a beautiful time together.

How Karmic attraction often ends…

The end of our relationship was less than perfect though. In fact, it was downright painful.

How karmic attraction ends

Towards the end, it started to feel like I was pouring all my love from my heart out to him, and not getting a single drop of love back. It was creating a big black hole in my heart that was just bleeding out love without being replenished.

Our relationship wasn’t ever official, but that didn’t stop me from deeply caring about him.

I still wonder sometimes whether he couldn’t give me back any love because he didn’t feel love towards himself. But that’s probably just me making excuses for his behaviour.

Looking back, now I know that it was a Karmic attraction between us because of how it started and how it ended. Our history from past lives was so intertwined that in this life we also got entangled with each other.

Maybe in a past life, I didn’t love him back the way he loved me. So in this life, that’s the treatment I got from him.

Or maybe the lesson I needed to learn was that it’s not OK to pour out your love and caring for someone and not receive anything in return. I needed to learn how to say, “No. That’s enough. I don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who just takes, takes, and takes, and gives nothing back in return.”

In the end, I was hurting so bad that I had to cut him out of my life entirely. In fact, I made a video about it a couple of months after we ended things, which explains how I ended our relationship. Skip to the 1:35 min mark.

Is Karmic attraction good or bad?

Often people often think that Karmic attraction is automatically connected to sexual attraction, but this is not always the case. There can be Karmic attraction that leads to a platonic relationship as well.

Another area where Karmic attraction can bring two people together is in Karmic friendships. Any relationship where people become entangled in each other’s lives is a Karmic relationship. Karmic attraction often brings the people together so they can work repay their Karmic debt to each other.

So, is Karmic attraction good or bad?

It is neither good nor bad. It is inevitable.

If you have a Karmic debt towards someone, life and the Universe will bring you together through whatever means it can so that you can repay your debt and be free.

Have you ever felt Karmic attraction towards someone? How did it start? And how did it end? Let me know in the comments.


  • Theresa says:

    The karmic link that my husband and I have is pretty bad now but it’s learned me a great deal how u have to say no and get out of it or your spirit starts dying I know it took me 25 years to do it though my b-date is 5/17/1975 at 2 44 pm in Westland Michigan and his is 4/18/1971 8 31 am Ypsilanti mich we got married in 3/19/2004 at 1230 pm in Ohio lots of astroids together linked Eros in 1st house a lot of astroids in 8 th for us both

    • Ritu says:

      Dear Theresa, even though it took you a long time, what’s important is that you learned what your relationship means for you. Since you said “your spirit starts dying”, it sounds like there is a lot of pain there. Maybe your Karma together is finished? What would that mean for you?

  • Anu says:

    Hi. So I had a doubt, can Karmic attraction be one sided? Like feeling a strong attraction for someone since a long time and him/her being completely unaware of our feelings. Does this ongoing never-ending attraction may turn into mutual karmic case??

    • Ritu says:

      Hi Anu, yes it can be one sided. In a past life maybe you ignored him and now you get to feel what is like to be ignored. It may not turn Mutual but you have a lesson here to learn. How can you see your own strength and beauty ? And attract someone who is crazy about you?

  • viraj says:

    mam, a good and brief post about the karmic relationship. Although I knew everything about this but still managed to google it to read a good article like yours to broaden my perspective.. and it helped a lot to revise these concepts since I am following spirituality. and currently have ended a karmic relationship with a person. it’s a fresh memory. in this journey, I endured a lot of emotional pain. battle with myself but that pain only bought me back to myself, my soul.. in these journey i did learn a lot about sprituality and astrology. i must say astrology is map of karmic relationship. its shows the begining the in between parts and the end of it so smoothly. and gives some closer about your situations too….

  • Jassim says:

    Will i witness the karma of a person who hurted me in my past ?

    • Ritu says:

      Dear Jassim, yes there’s a chance that you will witness it directly or you will become aware of it through your intuition and signs from the Universe.

    • Ritu says:

      For example, once a had an ex and the relationship ended a little badly. Maybe it was my own karma that I needed to witness or the fact that our karma was truly resolved between us because about a year later I just got a feeling that he had taken a big step to move on. I had some dreams that were leading me to thisConclusion, and then eventually without even looking for it he popped up on my Facebook feed and I saw that he just got engaged to somebody. So yes your intuition will give you signs that will let you see whether you can witness the karma from somebody in your past.

  • Kim J says:

    I have been going through this for 12 years. It’s like smoking cigarettes. The addiction is so strong . You say your gonna quit everyday but u just don’t and can’t .this is really bad . I crave this person to be near me . I need his touch and to hear his voice. And to see him . I have a real strong physical connection . I’ve dated and I have never been able to feel so strongly about no one else . What do I do?

    • Ritu says:

      Hi Kim, It sounds like underneath the physical attraction is true love. I think you actually truly love him. Could this be? If so take these steps:
      1. Ask yourself does he love you back? Does he refill the love that he’s taking from you? – – – If not, then that’s a sign that you should let him go.
      2. Once you let him go, be happy for him. Even when he’s with someone new, be happy for him. The love you share is much bigger than the physical connection, even though that’s very important.

  • Jessica Choong says:

    Is it Karmic attraction means you will gonna meet this life? Or not necessarily?

    • Ritu says:

      That’s exactly right. Karmic attraction is so strong that it will bring you together in this life itself and it will be irresistible.

  • Sandy says:

    Hii..can a karmic attraction/relationship be life long? I think I’m experiencing karmic attraction and I dont want to end this.

    • Ritu says:

      Yes, sure it can be lifelong. If you don’t act on it, then the feeling you have will stay as it is. If and when you act on it, only then will you experience the next stage of the Karmic attraction.

      • Chamudya says:

        What did you mean that only then will you experience the next stage of the Karmic attraction?what is the next stage of karmic attraction?

        • Ritu says:

          By next stage of Karmic attraction, I mean that from a “crush” it will go into physical attraction, and eventually you’re giving it a chance to turn into a relationship. The relationship itself has a life of its own with a beginning, middle, and end. That’s the next part of the story.

  • Hemali says:

    I just the way it has written right now I just connected with someone and feel so much deep in connection and love with the person. Thought I m married but I just can’t stop saying how much I love him. Initial lit was connecting both side but slowly he turned into friendship because he wanted to marry and May be feeling he want be able to talk with me the same way he used to talk to me initially and started talking less with me . I m still so much connected to him but he just want to keep friendship base relationship now .

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