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This woman took off her makeup and fancy clothes on stage to make a point about moving towards being more natural as women. I love what she says BUT:

1. Calculate the time you spend on grooming.
= OK, I’m guilty of spending time on taking care of myself. But is that a bad thing? I consider getting my haircut as taking care of myself. I consider bubble baths as taking care of myself. I consider going for runs as taking care of myself. If that’s bad, then too bad.

2. Think about the other things you could be doing. Like writing a book (check), learning to surf (check), meditating (check).
= It is possible to do all these things and STILL MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF. Actually, if you don’t make time for yourself to take care of yourself, to pamper yourself, then you wont be motivated to go out and do all those other cool and so called “productive” things.

3. Decide what you can reduce or live without.
= For me, this is Facebook (not instagram unfortunately, I’m still addicted – by the way, follow me! @rituashrafi), it is boozing time in favour of ‘I need to be a loner, go home and do a vlog tonight because I’m committed to adding content of value to The Lifester.’ Sure, you can add some designer heels to this list, I go for designer flats these days. KIDDING! Maybe after I get rich.

I agree with this cool, beautiful & fit Aussie lady (and did you see her yoga guns by the way?) but I disagree that spending time on yourself is counterproductive. I believe that spending time on yourself is essential to making yourself more productive.

I will end with this: Your dreams and goals ARE you, therefore if you want to make your dreams come true, you have to spend TIME ON YOU. If you can do this with love, if you spend time giving yourself things you love, then the dream will just manifest on its own and it wont feel like work at all.

Take care of yourselves¬†and your dreams ladies. If you don’t, no one else will do it for you.

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