Welcome to The Lifester Calling Sessions!

You are here on a special invitation. You are here because you felt the calling to be here.

This will be 5 sessions of learning, sharing, imploring and meditating spread over 5 weeks. From the vibe I felt in the room at the Find Your Calling Talk, I have a feeling that it will be the beginning of an awesome sisterhood. This is designed to be a £100 value but I want you to have it for free. If you want to participate and haven’t received an invitation from me yet, email me here:

This page will be your hub for the entire program.

the lifester calling sessions intro

[themecolor]INTRO: [/themecolor]

Read this first.



october calendar


[themecolor]SCHEDULE: [/themecolor]

All the dates, time and places you need know.



the lifester calling sessions

[themecolor]YOUR ROLE: [/themecolor]

Take your seat in the circle of the Callings.



the lifester calling sessions intro

[themecolor]THE SESSIONS:[/themecolor]

The content, the worksheets, the meditations and the assignments. The Works.