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Last night, I held my second workshop for The Lifester. It was called Follow Your Calling and it was the first time I stood up in front of a room of highly inspirational and talented women and gave a talk. I had been preparing for a month and that preparation included meditating for inspiration and guidance, researching how to speak, what to wear, where to hold it, who to invite, how to market, what to say and a million other things. At the end of the evening I knew that every single bit of effort and worrying was worth it because I knew that there had been a shift in the room.

The energy had shifted from unfamiliar, to friendly, to curious and then to inspired.

The air and light had shifted from glaring, to gleaming, to glowing and then to warm and inviting.

The women had shifted from strangers, to neighbours, to counsels and then to friends and sisters.

I was honoured to be in front of the room and witness this first hand. I was honoured that those women showed up at the event and I believe every single one of them was there for a reason, as if by divine guidance. I was honoured that when I called, they answered. I was honoured that my dear friend Lisa faced her fears and stood in front of the room upon my invitation and shared her incredible story about looking her biggest fear in the eye, which single act now makes her stand taller. I was honoured by the women sharing with each other their own fears, wishes and dreams. Most of all, I was humbled by the Callings of each woman in the room. As those Calls are answered, the world will shake in the power that each of the women carry within them. Believe me, I felt it.

I want to thank every woman that came, every ear that listened to my worries, every voice that gave me encouragement and every bit of guidance I received from the Universe and those who are wiser than me and the objects of my love.


Here are some photos from Follow Your Calling.

Lifester Follow Your Calling by Ritu Ashrafi

Lifester Follow Your calling by Ritu Ashrafi London

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With love and gratitude,



  • So inspiring Ritu! I would love to attend one of your live events. It’s my dream to lead my own retreats and events someday, and your post makes me want to create a loving experience for women even more! Thank you! xo

  • Chris says:

    I am currently also preparing for a live event and experiencing some of the same issues and challenges that you have gone through. Thanks for your transparency, for showing the way and making me feel “not alone”.
    Great Work!

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