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Meditation has changed my life. I have been saying this on repeat for over 2 years now and I summarized it on my friend Jenny’s site: Health Crush here.

Why is it so important to be able to meditate on your own, WITHOUT THE HELP of guided MP3s and audios? Because ready for it or not, when you meditate regularly, when you are committed to growing yourself spiritually, a lot of deep dark stuff will come up for you to address, for you to air out, for you to work out of your system. When these things come up in meditation, you are on your own with them. The voice on the recording can’t jump in and help you out. You better know what you are doing and you better have been taught how to deal with this when it comes up.

That’s why knowing how to meditate on your own is very important. Meditation is a personal thing. Meditation is an internal thing. It’s a solo process that you have to experience on your own. Don’t be dependent on someone else to be able to do it.

Go find a meditation course you can take so that you are self-sufficient when it comes to doing your own daily meditation. I’m an Atma Kriya Yoga teacher, which is the most powerful type of meditation I have ever experienced. I highly recommend you go find an Atma Kriya Yoga meditation course near you and commit to it, book in the time, take the course. You find a teacher near you here:

It’s time to be independent when it comes to one of the most internal things you can do for yourself – your daily meditation practice. Don’t play around with meditation. Get serious. Take a course and learn to do it yourself. It’s your thing, become an expert at it.

More info on meditation here:

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