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This is reblog from my very personal Tumblog about moving to London. I moved to London in mid-2011 and kept a visual diary on Tumblr of the adventure. It was all fun and games till my 28th birthday happened and it all came crashing down in the 2nd wave of my Quarter Life Crisis. In the middle of all that, I was introduced to A Course in Miracles and it gave me one piece of solid ground to balance on while the crisis ran its course. Here’s my blog about getting started with it, originally posted in January, 2013.

My blog about studying A Course in Miracles

I bought the book in July 2012, was convinced my life would never be the same after that day and then proceeded to not open the book for weeks. Then I finally downloaded the kindle versions of the book and the workbook (separately) and finally started reading one lesson each day on the tube on my way to work.

I HIGHLY recommend buying the kindle versions of the books: A Course in Miracles: Workbook for Students/Manual for Teachers. Best part, it’s under £3.00!

Also, I have to say that ACIM was way too heavy for me when I started reading it. The concepts in it are very intense and heavy. But then, because of Gabrielle Bernstein’s recommendation, I bought and read the book by Gary Renard called The Disappearance of the Universe and then my world finally changed. The Disappearance of the Universe breaks ACIM down so that it becomes understandable. The book is like a decoder for ACIM and will make you genuinely interested in finding out what more there is to learn in A Course in Miracles! You can buy it on Amazon here:

The Disappearance of the Universe: Straight Talk About Illusions, P…

And the Kindle Version here.

Trust me guys, these will make ACIM a lot easier to study! Good luck! Lots of love!

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