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Happy Mother’s Day!!! It’s a day filled with a lot of love and I hope you are feeling the love vibes and getting all gooshy and teary, like me. My spiritual teacher, Sri Swami Vishwananda says, “You can’t attain the Divine if you can’t be grateful to your mother.” Mothers are such givers. They are constantly giving.

Like for example, I’ll tell you about my Mother’s Day gift this year. I couldn’t give my Mum a gift but for the first time in 18 years, I get to spend the day with her, like physically being in the same place. Even though I couldn’t give her anything this year, she has given ME the biggest present ever by making this possible.

That’s how Moms are, they are constantly giving. Mother Earth is another example. Giving, giving, giving and we are just taking, taking, taking.

I have a Mother’s Day challenge for you this year

This year, can you pick a day when you will prioritize her? When she asks for something, will you say yes, no matter what you have to give up for it?

Make the sacrifice of your own desire to make your Mum happy. It’s going to be hard and your Ego really wont like it, but Karmically, you will get lots of points for it.



My mom of me in Cuba.

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