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Have you ever had this dialogue in your head? “I can’t move a step further, I’m scared of what the consequences will be.” That means you are stuck. You are stuck in the horrible place I call [themecolor]Sitting and Waiting.[/themecolor] I’ve been there and I have come out of it. If you are feeling stuck and scared to make a serious move towards your dream, here’s one thing that you can do:

Take one step ON BEHALF of your dream. If you [themecolor]love [/themecolor]your dream, you can do at least that for it right? Click here to tweet it.

Make your dream bigger than you! You can’t walk a mile without taking that first step. You can’t reach the fullness of your dream without that first step. If you place the motivation of the step outside of yourself then maybe it will be easier.

Let me know in the comments what you do to break the ice of “sitting and waiting”.

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