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I randomly ended up at a Landmark Forum meeting on the last weekend of January 2014 in London. I wasn’t going to review it but then I read this blog post + review of it on my friend Jenny’s blog. I commented on the blog and was surprised to find myself reviewing it so I’m reposting my comment here.

The Prelude

I should mention that I thought I was going to a therapy group for abused women with a friend but entered a giant conference room with a stage and a lot of very happy, friendly people instead. My friend left me there and went off to an advance course herself.

My review

I liked parts of it and HATED other parts of it. I loved the “coach” Jerry who was leading from the front of the room. He was real – very markety – but real. BUT the “grads” were too excited about their own transformation that they just did not know how to listen. The moment I mentioned that “I am not going to sign up today”, the grad next to me, my partner in the sharing so far who I had opened up to, literally got up and left – probably to go find someone who would actually sign up. At that point, I had had enough of not being heard to and feeling pressurized so I left during the break.

I do feel like I want to give it another shot though and with next time since I will know what I’m walking into, I will hopefully be more openminded.

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