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Want to motivate yourself to write more regularly and be creative constantly? One quick and easy tip to do this is to declare it to the world that you will write everyday like I did here. Or create something and share it with the world everyday, even if it’s via Instagram.

I made the declaration to write everyday. I wrote so enthusiastically for the first two days. I even wrote on my fashion blog which I totally ignore these days. After the third day, I started to struggle. Instead of focusing on writing more, I became obsessed with growing the following on my blog and reading everything Jon Morrow has written in the past month. I didn’t realize it at the time but the wall I hit after the third day was made up of the fact that not as many people were reading it as I would have liked.

Subconsciously, I believed that it would be worth it to go through the effort of writing only IF enough people were reading what I wrote.

Why are you obsessed with growing your blog following?

Where did this obsession came from? What would having a massive following give me apart from an ego boost? A part of me was saying, “Well, you are writing super helpful and insightful stuff. There are hundreds of people out there who need to hear it! It’s your job to make sure those who need your words will see it.”

Noble, right?

I’m calling that out. Secretly, I believe that my motive was not as pure and noble. Secretly, a part of me really wants to be famous. I wrote an in depth self-psychoanalysis on this a few months ago that shook some people, most of all me! I finally admitted that I was just like everyone else who is willing to do whatever it takes to be famous.

Writing everyday is a good project I think. It forces me to continue to be creative and being genuinely creative is a spiritual experience in my opinion. But what’s up with this wanting a massive following on my blog? There is a motive behind it which I talked about in my ‘famous’ blog post.

And this type of gratification and this type of success is going to be short lived. About that, I’m 100% sure.

The above quote is from my Spiritual Teacher, from my Guruji. It’s a great reminder to focus on what I’m after. I’m after Love, and unshakable inner happiness. I’m after unshakeable Faith.

We can’t dabble in short lived fame, popularity or temporary company. Instead, let us strive for timeless joy. For me, this will probably not come from lots of comments and followers on my blog. It may come for a second or two in meditation, which is a sign that it’s there. It exists! But maybe we have to go really deep within or deep into meditation to experience it for longer.

I don’t know for sure. But for now, I will sit my butt down on my meditation pillow and do my Atma Kriya meditation. Maybe then, eventually, the sleeping bliss that my Guruji speaks about will start to wake up.

Looking for peace,


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