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How to be creative all the time and how creativity is a spiritual thing. Creation is such a massive thing, I mean, just think about what has created the UNIVERSE!! Huge, right?

And yes, we can be creative and bring new and interesting things into the world, but maybe, we are simply channeling the same massive creative energy that made the universe when we create stuff. Chew on that.

And watch this video.

Comment below and let me know How You Do Your Creative Thing! What are your thoughts? Can you share one tip to be more creative?

Love you,


Ps. If you want to read the book, grab it here: Steal Like An Artist


  • Love the work on the videos Ritu ๐Ÿ™‚

    For me, I’ve found two things to help me be more creative. The first is slowing down or as I like to call it, slowing down to speed up! It’s no surprise that some of our most creative and inspired ideas come to us when there’s nothing on our mind.

    Times when we’re enjoying a warm bath/shower, on a long-distance flight or just spending time in nature away from the distractions of technology. Daydreaming or time spent walking in the outdoors when ‘stuck’ can thus be a beneficial activity to unlock the creativity inside of you.

    The second is changing regularly changing the environment you work in, as this can inspire new thoughts and creative insights. Whether that’s working at the top of a high rise with the view of a city or in the lobby of a luxury hotel, or even on a beach side cafe in front of an ocean!

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