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So I’ve written this one little eBook. It’s inspired. By that I mean it’s largely written in spirit or even by spirit if I dare go that far. I can attribute its quality and credibility to the fact that when gathering research and during the writing process, I often felt like an instrument and the words appeared in my notebook and on the screen of my laptop without much thinking on my part. I was simply transcribing it.

I completed the last bit of it over a 24 hour period. The last bit was about 90% of the words, the formatting and layout. I got five and a half hours of sleep in that 24 hour period. It is the definition of a sprint.

Unfortunately for me, this is amateur behaviour. As Steven Pressfield writes in his book The War of Art on page 75, this is textbook amateur behaviour.

Sprint vs Marathon, Amateur vs Pro

Now I have to run the marathon. According to Steven, running the marathon is what the pro does, vs the amateur.

The marathon of my eBook involves reaching out to my friends in the industry and telling them about my book and asking them to tweet it and Facebook it to their tribes. The marathon is to keep mentioning it, beating the same drum over and over, at least for a while. The marathon involves me writing another eBook that is bigger, better and worthwhile. It is to keep plugging and keep plugging and as my favourite lady wordsmith in the world Alex says in this poem, my marathon is my patience.

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