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True Grit; not the movie.

What is Grit? The dictionary defines it as: firmness of character; indomitable spirit. I call it sticking to it. Like when something is hard, I grit my teeth and get through it.

It’s been an interesting week for me. I probably shouldn’t admit it publicly but I’ve been feeling a bit aimless. I know the long term destination of where I’m headed but this week felt like I didn’t know which way to take the next step. I considered not making a video blog at all this week but I am doing it because of grit. I’m doing it because I know I need to keep moving or I will never reach that ultimate destination. I am doing it even though I’m not sure of it and [themecolor]that’s the magical part![/themecolor]

You can see that this video is made with my webcam and not my fancy DSLR because I wasn’t going to do it. But my Grit got the best of me and I started writing out the content of what I’d speak about today.

This is where it gets good.

As soon as I picked up the pen, the words started to flow so beautifully. One point connected to the other and suddenly I had a vlog!

Having watched the movie True Grit, which I highly recommend by the way, I learnt a few things about grit. Grit is beyond will. Grit makes people pay attention to you and give you your due respect. Grit is what makes you keep moving towards your goal despite tremendous opposition, despite whatever unfortunate circumstance comes your way, despite what everyone else says about how you will never make it. As you clench your teeth and stick to it with your grit as your fuel and your armour, those same people say to you “don’t stop, keep going” because you have changed their minds by NOT changing YOUR mind.

Your turn…

Now I want you to think about your grit and the moments when you are challenged. Do you have moments when you don’t want to carry on? Moments when you just want to give up? Moments when you don’t see the point of doing work? Moments when you’d rather give yourself “me-time” than do the work that is needed? We all have these and when you do this is how to get out of it.

Remember your grit. Clench your teeth and just take that first step. It will feel unpleasant to start but once you do, you will breeze through it. Remember, that you are the girl that people look to and say she’s going to stick it out, she’s going to get to the end.

I hope this video was useful to you today. Let me know in the comments section about a moment when you had to tap into your grit. I want to hear it.

P.s. I must give a shout out to a lady who is slowly turning into a distant mentor for me with her awesome site and words like these. I couldn’t have completed this post today without it. Thanks Amanda.

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