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I gave this presentation at a recent Womännedorf event and wanted to share it with you. Here I talk about the 4 main pillars my work with Family & Systemic Constellations stands on (1. Balance of Give & Take, 2. Karma, 3. Loyalty, and 4. Love), why it is so effective (Super Empathy), how it works, and I share some success stories from my clients.

The “slides” from my presentation in Sketchnotes format.

The four pillars my work with Family & Systemic Constellations stands on:

  1. Balance of Give & Take – 2:41 min
  2. Karma – 3:45 min
  3. Loyalty – 5:52 min
  4. Love – 7:35 min

Why Family Constellations are so effective?

Because it gives you Extreme Empathy and once you know, you can’t un-know.

Watch from the 9:07 min mark.

One success story about how Family Constellations helped a client to make her IVF successful. Watch from the 11:23 min mark.

How a constellation takes place in my work. 14:00 min mark.

My invitation to you. 18:23 min mark.

Book a no-obligation free consultation with me to find out whether Family Constellations is the right approach for you right now.


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