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I flew to Sydney, Australia last week. 13 hours sitting in the same seat on the same plane gives you a lot of time to think and reflect and I realize that many life lessons have been presented lately.

I have had to learn how to detach – my baggage allowance was just 30kgs so it was an interesting experience to  reduce my belongings, my clothes, my books, my notebooks, everything down to 30 kilos. It was quite a lesson in detachment. What things have sentimental value to you that you would throw away 80% of your wardrobe to keep? Would it be an old journal? A bunch of old love letters? Photos?

Then I had to detach with my beloved London. It hurt more than leaving my hometown did.

Then came all my friends. I’ve built a family with my friends in London. Leaving them was hard too.

Where is one area of your life you could immediately detach in? Would it be work? Would it be the pressures of mainting a certain relationship? Or a certain friend circle? Or just one difficult friend?

It may seem difficult and unnecessary and it IS difficult and it IS NECESSARY. If you had to leave everything behind except for your bare essentials and most sentimentally valuable things in order to chase your dream, would you be willing to do it? What is more important to you: Your dream or your old things? When you are dead and gone, what will go with you? The fulfilment of your dream. Not your things.

Make yourself ready. Make yourself light. Chase that dream.

With love,


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