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Mother Teresa once said, “Love Anyway.”

That’s hard. Well, it’s easier said than done, that’s for sure.

A few days ago, I was at a party and this lady came up and yelled at another person who was there. The lady pulled her aside and scolded her for interrupting a conversation that the lady was having.

My heart broke at the sight of this. Why was this lady scolding the other person? It was so unfair. It was so unjust.

But then I remembered this quote by Mother Teresa. “Love anyway.”

You see, I have been misunderstood before, by guys especially. My intention and my vulnerability has been misunderstood before, many times. It happens and it’s weird. It’s gross. But it’s OK.

See, when you are down, everyone wants a piece. Everyone wants to “save” you. Everyone wants to soothe you. Everyone wants to sleep with you.

But, you have to also see that it is actually happening by your influence as well.

Don’t be mistaken. Own up to it.

Remember that scene in Monster’s Ball? It is sexy, sick, gross, right? Halle Berry’s character did that to herself and that makes me wonder, why do we do this to ourselves? Why?

I wanted to understand this so I meditated on it. And this is a bit of understanding that came up.

Why our love is misunderstood

This is happening to me because my ego wants to reaffirm to me that “I am going to get used.”

It also wants to make me believe that we need another person to get through this, whatever “this” might be, and that we can’t do it alone. That we are not whole. That we need others.

This NOT the truth.

So, if your love is being misunderstood, it is simply your ego’s attempt to keep your love down.

Love anyway.

Even when your love is misunderstood.

But also resist letting yourself be taken advantage of or “used” or “helped” because if you allow that, then you are letting your ego win. You are allowing yourself to perpetuate the false idea that you can’t make it, or get through it alone. And that you need someone else to help you get through this.

This is a false projection from your ego.

And the best way to beat this away is by loving anyway.

Love anyway.

So what it will misunderstood?
So what they will want to take advantage of you?
So what they want a piece now that you are down?

Love anyway.

You are strong.

You are female.

You are the mother.

You are Shakti.

You are Grace.

You are a channel of unconditional love.

Turn on the tap. Let love flow.

You are untouchable. Believe me, you are.

Love you,


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