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You must have heard about the newest thing in timepieces right? No, it’s not an iPhone.

It’s the wooden watch.

A watch made of wood, from the strap to the digits, as much wood as a wristwatch can have.

Jord Watch - wood watch review 1

Why Would You Want a Wooden Watch?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then a wooden watch might be for you.

  • Do you like to stand out?
  • Do you want to be memorable and make an impression?
  • Do you like sustainability?

Wooden watches are still uncommon and wearing one will instantly attract attention. For example, the other night I was out celebrating my friend’s engagement and two people commented on my JORD wooden watch.

I’m pretty sure that the watch and its wearer will be remembered.

And as a bonus, wood is totally sustainable and the wooden watches promote sustainability and eco responsibility. Not only do you end up looking good, but you end up doing good too.

Jord Watch - wood watch review 4

How Are Wooden Watches Made?

All parts of a watch that can be made out of wood will be made of wood. This includes all the links in the strap, the back of the timepiece, the part that touches your skin, the face of the watch, and the digits in some cases.

The workmanship on these wooden watches are incredible! The detailed work, the polish, the feel of it and just the fact that it works really well despite being made of wood just amazes me.

The wooden pieces are held together with tiny metal pins and screws but the metal is not really visible.

Jord Watch - wood watch review 3

My Honest Review

The watch featured here is the Ely watch in Maple, by JORD. The smoothness of all the wood is so attractive. I just want to touch it all time. There are little details all over it, like the logo being engraved on the dial’s face. The logo is also lazered onto the back of the watch, the part that touches your skin.

The clasp is made of stainless steel and the watch is very comfortable on your wrist. It is important to have it sized properly though so make sure you do that.

Jord Watch - wood watch review 5

Jord Watch - wood watch review 8

I made my first ever unboxing video with this watch! Check it out here.

Who I’d Recommend This To

If you are into alternative fashion and style that is innovative, you would love this watch. As I mentioned before, it’s a great conversation starter. Just try it out in a situation where you’ll be interacting with a lot of people and observe, like at a networking event or at a party.

Fellas, this is a great gift for your lady friends as well. And ladies, there is a huge range of wooden watches for men available online, by JORD and also by some other brands.

Jord Watch - wood watch review 1

So, would YOU ever wear a wooden watch? Why and what attracts you to this type of watch? Share in the comments below, I’ll read each one and I’m sure it will help out a lot of other people looking for feedback and reviews on wooden watches as well.

Love you!


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  Full disclosure: I was sent a watch by JORD to review. All opinions are my own. Best Wooden Watch

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