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Write something, EVERYDAY. There was this goal that I set about a month ago when I promised myself that I would write everyday. Something, anything. And during that period, some incredible things came through the writing like the one linked to below. Over the last 3 weeks, I have broken my “write everyday” rule and the creativity has nearly completely stopped.

Writing everyday is such a powerful trick to get your inspiration flowing, to create stuff and not only written stuff, that inspires you and others.

So here I am, writing everyday again.

What’s your personal trick to get your creativity going? Tell me in the comments.

And do you want a free guide that gives you a step-by-step to succeed at writing everyday? With daily topic suggestions all that? CLICK HERE or on the image below for the free guide.


Ps. the post that I mentioned above is Fashion Blogging as a form of Self Help Therapy.

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