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Hi, I'm Ritu.

I believe that relationships are everything. When something is not right in your relationships, nothing else seems to go right. I help women who are emotionally overwhelmed by their relationship problems and are being held back in life, love, and work. I help them to unlock the powerhouse of energy that these relationships and emotions are taking up. This then flows into their new relationships, finances, and work.

We give meaning to our lives through our relationships. The first step is to identify which relationships are underneath these painful feelings that are secretly running your life. The second step is to fix those relationships and unblock your life.

“I absolutely recommend Ritu. I found understanding my family and their patterns helped me see myself differently and with more compassion for my mistakes.”

Abida RahmanSelf Awareness Coach and Founder of The Balancing Guru

Working with Ritu was awesome! Not only is she really dedicated to her work in personal growth, she is also really practical and understanding of the issues that young people face because she has been there herself.

Iris VKBlogger and Startup Marketer

Went from tired and overwhelmed to centered and excited after a magical meditation skype session with my favorite Canadian. Blessed.

Laurel MollWriter and Entrepreneur

Ritu has great intelligence and she uses it effectively. She’s smart about her work, her life and the people around her. She tops it all off with both good self- awareness and fun.

Alan KayAuthor and Solutions Focused Pioneer, AlanKay.ca

Ritu is like a ray of sunlight! Her dedication to personal growth and to helping others live happier lives is inspiring. Her positive energy is contagious, and I always feel more hopeful and uplifted after spending time with her.

Jenny SansouciBestselling Author of The Rebel’s Apothecary, Founder of The Healthy Crush


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